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We are looking for teachers and tutors of all languages. You can decide your schedule and how much to charge. Teachers and tutors will need a good internet connection, Skype with webcam and a Paypal account to get paid, wheras teachers must have also a certificate about previous experiences as a teacher or a degree in the language they want to teach (tutors don't need to be qualified, but of course they need to be really passionate about languages). We also need a video, where you speak for about a minute or two in the languages you teach and in English, if you can speak it. 

The website will be operative by the end of September, the design is not finished yet, sorry for any flaw.

The site will be officially launched in September, then you will be able to open (for free) a profile in order to become a teacher or tutor.

If you have any more questions you can contact us anytime here on Facebook or by our email: support@lingostan.com, thank you very much.




Why should I choose Lingostan?

Lingostan, learn and speak languages online with native teachers and tutors

LINGOSTAN, the land of languages - learn languages by speaking online with native speakers. Try our professional and affordable online tutoring.
Lingostan is a community where you can learn a language by speaking online (by Skype, Hangout etc.) with native teachers, or you can just practice the language with native speakers in order to improve your listening and speaking skills.

Ours are not just the classic and boring online language courses. Having a conversation with native speakers is the best and only way to really master a language; there is no other way if you want to reach a high level of fluency. Here you'll find hundreds of tutors and native teachers to study with, so you'll certainly be able to find the one who suits you best. Just sign up and discover how many things you can do on LINGOSTAN.com. There is also a forum where you can ask questions about grammar, vocabulary and culture, for free. Get an answer quickly and from native people. Here we have all kind of languages, even the most rare and unusual, so not only the obvious one like English, Spanish, German, Chinese etc. Moreover, you’ll be able to find native speakers of English or Spanish, for example, who also speak Portuguese at a high level; so, even if you are a beginner from Brazil, don’t worry, you can find people who speak your own language fluently too and who can teach you from scratch. Our lesson are cheap but also professional, so since online teachers are usually more affordable than those who teach in a school, you’ll get good service at the best possible rate.

Site currently under development, soon live!



Chinese teacher online job

Aprende idiomas online con hablantes nativos

aprenda e fale idiomas on-line com professores e tutores nativos

belajar dan berbicara bahasa asing secara online dengan guru dan tutor penutur asli

First reason

Affordable tutors and professional teachers

Second reason

More than 50 language available

Third reason

100% guarantee

Impara facilmente la lingua che desideri, che sia per lavoro o per studio

On Lingostan you can learn languages just by speaking them, with cheap and friendly tutors and professional teachers, enjoying yourself throught the learning process.

Learning a language it's not only useful, but also can be very engaging and fun.