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1) What is Lingostan?

Lingostan is an online language learning platform. We connect people who want to learn or improve foreign languages (students) with people who want to teach them ("tutors" or "teachers"). The classes are one-to-one and organized by means such as Skype, WeChat, Google Hangout, Zoom.us etc.


2) What are the advantages of becoming a tutor or teacher of Lingostan?

Lingostan is a worldwide platform that connects tutors /teachers with thousands of potential students in a simple, immediate and effective way. In addition, it guarantees the payment of the classes that the students reserve with the tutors/teachers. Moreover, prices on Lingostan are cheaper compared to an ordinary school, but that does not mean the quality is lower, that is just because the costs of running an online platform are cheaper compared to those required for a physical school.


3) What are the requirements to be a tutor in Lingostan?

To be a tutor in Lingostan you must be of legal age and you’ll have to create a profile at www.lingostan.com. After that, you can apply to be a tutor. Before applying please be sure that you are willing to speak your language with those who want to learn or improve it. Patience and love for the transmission of your knowledge are essential requirements.

Others requirements include:

1) good internet connection (minimum 7-8 MB in download), software such as Skype, WeChat, Google Hangout ect. (although the choice of application will depend on the students and their means according to their country. Skype, however, is always mandatory).

2) A silent environment that promotes the concentration of the student (without pets barking, people screaming or disturbing the lesson).
You should also make a short video so that the students can listen and see the tutor they want to choose.

4) What are the requirements to be a teacher in Lingostan?

To become a teacher in Lingostan you need:
- to be of legal age;

- Show us the documentation that attests your teaching skills
- having completed higher education studies (undergraduate, graduate, master's, doctorate) or having a certificate for teaching your language. In alternative, you can show us your experience if you have previously worked for a company or a non-profit organization teaching your language.
- to have materials and resources for students (such as textbooks, exercises, vocabulary lists, level tests, etc.). Teachers must organize the lessons, in order to offer structured lessons, like "Beginners" "grammar" "language for travel" ect., and provide the students with material and resources (grammar book in PDF, online resources etc.) and they should also be able to set up a personalized study plan for each student.
- to have a profile at www.lingostan.com,


5) What data do I need to enter in my profile?

The only mandatory data is:
- A professional picture of yourself, with good light and in which your face is clearly visible, without sunglasses, people around you, animals ect.
- A presentation video.
- The language (s) you teach (your mother tongue or another level C2 accredited).
- Other languages that you can speak (level A1-C1).
- Your rates.
- Your contact details (Skype, Wechat, etc.), that students will be able to see after booking your class with you.
- Your teaching schedule.
However, the more data you include, the better: (name and surname, date of birth, tags, experiences, specializations , ect)
For the sake of maximum transparency, tutors and teachers profiles should be constantly updated if any change occurs.


6) What data should I NOT include in my profile?

Do not include private data (such as your email, your phone number or links) in your profile or in your video presentation, data that anyway would not help you for teaching on Lingostan. Profiles and videos showing such data will not be approved.


7) What is it forbidden to do?

We are very confident in the common sense and honesty of our teachers and tutors, but we must make it clear that it is strictly forbidden to partake in classes outside the Lingostan platform when the student has found you through Lingostan, thus inviting students to move to another platform/site/channel or to your personal website and anything else is firmly forbidden: all the students that you meet on Lingostan must remain on Lingostan. Anyone who commits this serious breach of trust will be punished with the immediate and permanent suspension of their profile and retention of all their money earned so far.
Never ask students for private information; never accept payment methods other than those indicated on Lingostan; do not use Lingostan to advertise your personal activities or look for work staff.


8) Can I publish my profile on my social networks?

Yes, you can, and we are the first to encourage you to do so! Always kindly ask for a vote and review from the students: students are not required to leave a written review, but commenting about their experience with you is very important for your public image as a tutor or teacher. Therefore, always ask them, without being pressing, since these reviews will be useful to those looking for a teacher.


9) How should my presentation video be?

In your video you must introduce yourself to your potential students, talking about your passion for languages, your experiences, your hobbies and what you can do in order to help students learn your language. We need a video of about 1-4 minutes (depending on how many languages the video is recorded in). You must include your name, speak in the language or languages that you teach and you must say the name of the website lingostan.com.

Here are some tips in order to make an effective presentation of yourself (don't shoot vertical videos):

1) Mention your experiences as a teacher or tutor if you have any;
2) Smile and be friendly;
3) Don’t speak too fast when you speak in your native language, since some students are beginners. Remember to speak both in the languages you teach and in English and other languages you are fluent in, since it'll attract more students ;
4) Say the name of lingostan.com (like: I wait for you on lingostan.com);
5) Check the audio of the video to make sure people can hear you well;
6) Don't make the video in a dim environment, with little light. Choose a suitable environment (avoiding registrations in kitchen and in messy rooms);
7) If you know a little bit of video editing so that your video can look more professional, that would be perfect. But this is not mandatory, it’s up to you. Keep in mind that in the future you’ll be able to change the video whenever you like.
The video has to be uploaded on You Tube, youku.com or any similar platform, and then you can simply add the link to your profile.


10) How does Lingostan work?

Once you have created your profile, set your rates and set your schedules, you will become part of the Lingostan community, and students will be able to find you by searching on the internal search bar. When students are interested in booking a class with you, they will check your availability in your “time zone” and reserve a class with you. You will receive a confirmation email. You will later be able to keep contact with your students through our chat.

11) How much will I charge for each class?

In Lingostan teachers and tutors fix their rates. We recommend starting with a low price, and then increase it as you get positive feedback and your students start to increase. Don’t put a high price from the start, since students cannot pay for a tutor without any positive reviews. You also have to understand that students who take online lessons expect to pay less compared to a real school. The minimum price is $5 per hour, and the maximum $50 per hour. Teachers usually charge more than tutors because they have to provide and prepare the material for the lessons, which takes more time than a conversation with a student.
You can also set your price per hour, for fractions of hours (minimum 15 minutes) or create discounted package of hours for recurring students.

12) Who decides my working schedule?

You can also set your own schedules, whether they are regular (for example, every Monday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm) or irregular (for example, every Tuesday except in August). Of course, you can change your schedules at any time.
Make sure your time zone is accurate, because students will see it when they book your classes. Changes in reservations are made with an advance that you establish yourself when creating your profile or at a later time. The minimum time is 6 hours, the maximum 24 hours. So, if you set the notice for booking at 6 hours, you should be aware that when you are about to go to sleep at, let’s say, 11pm, a student might book a lesson with you at 5am in your morning, if you set such availability, so, be sure, if you set such a short notice for booking lessons with you, that you will be able to check the Lingostan site or your email many times during the day, otherwise if you miss more than 2 requests for lessons your profile will be suspended!


13) How should a class be?

This is very important: whether you are a teacher or a tutor, it’s up to you to take the lead: students should be encouraged and feel engaged with you in a stimulating and relaxing environment, so:

1) there should never be “dead moments”, where nobody speaks. Don’t let a debate die out, always keep it lively asking questions and starting interesting topics;

2) Always correct the students’ mistakes, since this is why students pay, in order to be corrected and improve! Write everything on Skype or, better still, we would advice you to use Google Docs, in order to keep track of everything very easily. While the students speaks you can jot down their mistakes and then give feedback to the students from time to time;

3) You have to understand that you may speak with students coming from really different cultures and religions compared to your own, so be careful, unless the students take the lead, not to ask provocative questions or to start criticizing the student’s country politics, remember: students are your customers!


14) How can I cancel a class?

A class cannot be canceled, either by the student or by the tutor/teacher, only postponed by mutual accord.


15) How does the payment system work in Lingostan?

The student chooses the tutor/teacher and a time for class, and makes the payment to Lingostan. After the class is over, the student confirms the class took place, and then Lingostan makes the payment to the tutor/teacher. Payments are stored in the tutor/teacher profile and will be sent every 15 days to your PayPal account.


16) How much is your commission?

Lingostan charges a commission of only 10%, necessary for the maintenance and promotion of the platform, and to ensure that you can work without problems in a profitable and serene environment.


17) How can I know that once the class is reserved, the teacher will show up?

The student pays the class to Lingostan at the time of booking, although the tutor/teacher does not receive payment from Lingostan until the student confirms that the teacher attended the class.

18) What if the student does not show up for the class?

Then, you should not worry, you haven’t wasted your time, you will be paid. You should try first to contact the student and then, if they don’t answer within 24 hours confirming the lesson, you can write to us and we will transfer the money into your account.

19) What if the teacher does not show up for the class?

The teacher only receive money when the lesson is completed, thus, you should not worry: you just write to us so we can transfer back the money into your account (we hold the money in the meantime).

20) What happens if I am not satisfied with the class I received?

We are constantly making every effort to include only the best and most professional teacher and tutors but, if for any reason you are not satisfied, please write to us explaining the reasons and, if we find that the teacher didn’t behave in a professional manner, we’ll give you a refund.

21) What if there is a problem with the student?

If, once the class is completed, the student refuses to confirm it, please do not get into any argument with them, but instead get in touch with us as soon as possible.


22) I have registered but I have not received any validation emails …

Please, contact us: support@lingostan.com


First reason

Affordable tutors and professional teachers

Second reason

More than 50 language available

Third reason

100% guarantee

Impara facilmente la lingua che desideri, che sia per lavoro o per studio

On Lingostan you can learn languages just by speaking them, with cheap and friendly tutors and professional teachers, enjoying yourself throught the learning process.

Learning a language it's not only useful, but also can be very engaging and fun.