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Become Chinese teacher online

Online language learning platforms are a brave new horizon for traditional teachers. Why not to become Chinese teacher online?

There is no doubt about Chinese popularity as one of the preferred foreign languages to learn in the last ten years and probably in the next ten to thirty. If Chinese is your mother tongue and you already have a formation as a teacher, could be the perfect moment for you to become Chinese teacher online; a sweet moment, before everybody gets on the train…

If you check regularly for teaching job offers, you have probably noticed the increasing need of Chinese teachers. Not all of these job offers for Chinese teachers are available, since the world is still too big to go let’s say from Beijing to San Francisco for an intensive three weeks course, or to get a visa from Hong Kong to Sydney for a four months position.
So become Chinese teacher online is an appealing possibility for those who prefer to stay at home and use new but very simple (and cheap) tools: a computer, an internet connection, a webcam and a Skype (or Hangout, or a similar communication application) account. It’s enough to start if you are reasonably flexible.
That flexibility can be really helpful: you can set your own working day and your rates. If you already have some materials (lessons, exercises, texts, videos and audios) and a method (would you use the traditional blackboard or a Google document?) you are ready to try as Chinese native teacher online.
And we can agree that become Chinese teacher online is not a risky business: minimal investment in time (not money) for a service with a really huge demand. However, that doesn’t mean that the dollars will just fall into your pocket; you will have to work hard to keep your students, to make your lessons really useful.

Job offers for Chinese teachers: work from home with Skype or WeChat.

Chinese is among one of the most learned foreign language today, so job offers for Chinese teachers are easier and easier to see each day.
The time has come. Definitely. China is again, if ever stopped being, the centre of the world. Chinese is amongst the most learned languages in the world. Also, even if it’s not the most studied, is probably the foreign language that offers a higher profit to students, since it’s still not very common to find foreigners with a good command of Chinese. So job offers for Chinese teachers are growing and growing…
But, what about teachers? Of course, there are thousands of good native Chinese teachers, but not enough to attend the requirements of Western countries. Or, more precisely, they are not as available as they should, since thousands of kilometers separate them from their markets. So Chinese native teachers online are a very valuable professional today.
Online language learning platforms are filling the gap, and not just the geographical one. They can offer rates not easy to beat, since they can reduce expenses (no classrooms, by instance) and each student can find a perfect teacher for his specific needs (technical vocabulary, basic grammar, regional accent, slang expressions…) So there is even a lot of job offers for Chinese native speakers offering just a chat with a native.
So, if you are looking for job offers for Chinese teachers, don’t forget to give a chance to online platforms. They are always hiring, and they offer very interesting features. Usually you set your own salary and schedule, and literally hundreds of thousands of potential students will see you. That could mean not much for Spanish or English teachers, but for Chinese teachers, facing an increasingly demand, could be just crucial.


Job opportunities for Chinese speakers

China’s economic and cultural expansion all over the world offers new job opportunities for Chinese speakers impossible to imagine some decades ago.
You just need to give a look to any international employment website: there are all plenty of job opportunities for Chinese speakers. Why? Well, surprisingly, that’s still difficult to understand for a lot of people all around the planet. Well, it’s easy to explain if you take a look beyond your own little world.
The first factor to explain why is so easy to see job offers for Chinese native speakers is, simply, because China is the real current and future world power (I’m sorry, USA and Russia). It’s as simple as that. So tuned in people looking for new promising horizons looks East, and rush to learn Chinese.
The second factor to understand the outburst of job opportunities for Chinese speakers is the new communication tools. That is, internet. You don’t need strive to look for a Chinese teacher in your little town any more. You can find them online, by your own or using one of those online language learning platforms so popular today.
What is definitely out of questions is that people want to learn Chinese, so Chinese speakers don’t even need to be qualified to help others to learn their language. Obviously, qualification as a teacher is a plus, especially for beginners; but for those who know Chinese basis and need to improve, a native Chinese speaker slightly educated is highly appreciated.
So next time you look for a job on the internet, try something new: make a broader search and imagine that you know Chinese, include it as one of your competences and probably you’ll be never surprised again to see so many job opportunities for Chinese speakers. Even you would consider learning Chinese.

Job recruitment: online native chinese teachers and tutors.

Nowadays is easier than ever to work as Chinese teacher online due to high demand of Chinese language all around the world.
If you expect to work as Chinese teacher online, you are lucky. Or you just made the right decision, in other words. Unconceivable several decades ago, today’s China is the true world’s superpower; and not (only) in military terms: the biggest production centre, the biggest consumers market and soon one of the most popular touristic spots in this planet.
So anyone who intends to talk with China (to make business or just to live and survive in this country) in an effective and autonomous way needs to learn Chinese. People want to learn Chinese, that’s above all discussion. And they need to learn from someone who really knows not just the language, but also the techniques to teach a language.
For sure, to learn Chinese with native teachers is the preferred way to do so. As it happens with any language, the best way to learn it is from a native, and people are aware of that. In addition, that’s evident when we talk about Chinese, a language difficult to fully master for foreigners and non-native speakers.
For peoples and cultures living around China, Chinese has always been a powerful and prestigious element to communicate, but for Western people is a completely alien language, from sounds to grammar structures, not to talk about cultural patterns and references. So the West desperately needs Chinese people willing to work as Chinese teachers online. You can notice that on online language learning platforms.
In the following months and years we will assist to a boom in demand and offer of work as Chinese teacher online. To be in the front row from the very first moments can assure a privileged position in this flourishing market of Chinese for foreigners, a field with a so wide range that we don’t dare to define.