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Guest post rules

Rules for guest posting on Lingostan

How to publish an article

We of Lingostan welcome guest posts of contributors from all over the world and in every language.

1) We accept articles exclusively if they are about language learning, linguistics, education, grammar, translation. We also accept guest posts about history and culture, but only if there is a strong connection to languages.

2) Articles must be at least 1.000 words, and no more than 3.000.

3) Articles must be of high quality, unique and original, without any part scraped or even quoted from other online sources.

4) We reserve the right to change the title for Seo reasons, and to edit the article for legal reasons, if we deem it necessary. At any rate, prior notice will be given to the author.

5) At the end of the article, authors can put a short biography and a link to their personal website (the site must be a personal site, not a commercial one or of a business). In the article we allow up to 3 external links only to useful and authoritative resources that add value to the article (no commercial sites or company site).

We reserve the right to reject articles or not to allow some links..