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How to become an online language tutor

Become a digital nomad in the language field

So how does one become a digital nomad in the field of language? Well, the answer is much simpler than you would expect. You only have to know your native language whether English, French or German. There are a lot of people out there who are interested in learning foreign languages and are just waiting for the opportunity (in this case, online tutor) to present itself. It’s especially appealing since the learning takes place online and doesn’t have to consume much of the tutor’s and learner’s time.
If you have the knowledge required to teach online but don’t like the physical contact too much then you should consider becoming a digital nomad. We have more and more parents looking for online resources for their kids’ education and if you have the skills to help, give it a try. You’ll make money.
There are a number of companies that currently provide the platform to enable one to work for them as a digital nomad. Working for tutoring companies provides much needed experience for any person who sees their future in the field. You get to know what you’ll be doing and on top of that you’ll have an access to all their job opportunities on their website. Most of these sites have all the required tools and software to facilitate your work. While most companies have varying requirements for joining, others don’t require any qualification for their tutors and this makes it easier for venturing in this field. The general procedure that is followed for signing up for the companies is shown below.
• You first fill a contact form.
• The company will take you through a test on your chosen subject.
• Have a Skype interview.
• Get accepted.
• Start looking for work.
For a language tutor, all you need is a good internet connection, a laptop and you’re all set to do your job from anywhere in the world. It goes without saying that students learn better when they see how the words are pronounced and the body language used so the webcam is a top priority here. The job has many advantages too which have been listed below.

There is a high demand for web language tutors and this means that one can teach online as well as in local schools. If you like travelling, you can go to other countries and get to teach your language abroad. It’s an exciting prospect, one that can lead to even better possibilities.

Well paying
The job is well paying and you might get to earn up to 30 dollars per hour depending on your expertise. This is good money and although you’ll probably not be booking into 5-star hotels, you can get to afford pretty decent places and lead a nice lifestyle.

Being a digital nomad means that you’re not tied down to one place giving you the freedom to work from whichever place you like. Your kids at home won’t have to spend most of the time with strangers and you won’t have to spend seven hours in a small, enclosed room. You can also schedule your time on when to handle your lessons with your clients and when to do other things of choice.

Learning new cultures
The physical location of a digital nomad is not important and you’ll therefore have no pressure of working from a fixed location. Imagine waking up and going to a beach somewhere-or even another country. It all seems incredible but with digital nomadism, it’s all possible. You can get to interact with different people in other places and countries and get to learn a thing or two about their culture. What you get is an opportunity to define your life; where you want to work from, what you’re going to do and when you want it done. I don’t know about you but for me, this is what it means to live.

Who doesn’t love vacations and all the travelling that comes with it? Here, you can go on vacation anytime without worrying about reporting back to the office or confining yourself to within a certain timeframe. The money earned through online teaching means you won’t have to strain yourself in order to raise money for the travelling costs.

Freedom to choose work
This is perhaps the best thing about being a digital nomad. Although there is not much to choose from in language tutoring, it’s still nice to know that there is the liberty to choose your work. This is also same for freelance writers who also get to choose the right assignments without having to clear it with anyone. This freedom is what we crave for so much about self-employment. When you’re working under someone else, your work is mostly decided for you.

Currency Arbitrage
Whether you work abroad or freelance for people located abroad, the currency exchange offers a great opportunity to make more money. This is especially the case when your local currency is weaker as you’ll be paid more money. This can in turn enable you to make the digital nomading a full time career. You’re also generally likely to be paid more if you’re paid in stronger currency. The money is important as it will take care of your expenses as you’ll be travelling around the world.
No Traffic jams
Once you make up your mind to take this path, you also forget about the morning and evening traffic jams. The 2 hours wasted on the traffic jams commuting every day can instead be put into online teaching where you’ll earn money.

These are just some of the benefits of being a self-employed digital nomad. The entire plus the fact that you can do it as a part time job is what makes the online language tutoring job so appealing. If you feel like you’re currently suffocated in your job yet you have proper understanding of your native language, you’re missing out. Do you feel you need something to add some extra income on your current job? Or do feel like you need to have the freedom to choose your work, travel and work from wherever you are? If so, then you need to take some time and look at online language tutoring. It could just be your next big adventure.