Learn and Speak languages with native speakers

Learning and practicing foreign languages online.


Are you finding it hard to learn a foreign language of your choice? Being taught a foreign language by a non-native speaker becomes difficult for you to understand the language correctly. Apart from your native language is always advantageous to know writing and speaking at least one favorite foreign language. In many countries, some colleges offer foreign language classes, but they hire tutors who are not natives thus becoming a challenge to execute the teaching flawlessly. You can learn these languages online from our website where you will meet tutors who are native speakers of the language you will wish to learn. We have quality experienced tutors who will teach you the foreign language of your choice from the comfort of your home as the lessons are all taught via Skype. We also provide a chance for you to practice the language knowledge you have by speaking to our tutors to perfect your verbal ability.

Why are the lessons offered on Skype?

LINGOSTAN offer the language lessons via Skype which is the most prominent internet calling platform for both video and audio globally. There are various platforms you can use however Skype is the best for the following reasons; 

You don’t have to travel outside your country to access the lessons all you need is your computer or laptop in your house, and you get in contact with your teacher or native speaker. The video calling will make the class lively and real thus enjoying a lesson just like you are in a lecture room.
The courses on Skype are cheaper than going to actual classes physically, and the charges are also standardized to ensure no effect on the strength and weakness of your countries currency. You also personalize the courses since you meet the teacher alone unlike in a lecture hall where you don’t get enough personal time with your teacher.
Skype gives you an option to choose either video call your teacher or audio call depending on which you feel comfortable for you to use during the lesson time. You can also chat with your teacher online anytime you have a question.

The online classes via Skype give you an opportunity to utilize other tools on your browser for research like looking for online dictionaries or translators as the teaching is going on for you to understand better.

You can also record the lesson for you to watch later which is better for revision purposes when the course is over at your free time. Revision is key to any learning process thus once you record the lesson you get a chance to revisit what maybe you didn’t get while the lessons were going on.

Deciding whether to use professional teacher or Tutor on LINGOSTAN

LINGOSTAN gives you the opportunity to choose the kind of teacher you need either go for a professional teacher or just a regular tutor. What separates the two types of teachers is the mode of pricing, professional teachers you will have to pay slightly higher than what you pay the tutors. What’s now the difference between the two types of teachers? 
Professional teachers; for a teacher to in this category must demonstrate to LINGOSTAN that he/she has the professional background of teaching, is a practicing teacher of the language in any learning institution with relevant papers. The teachers in this category have relevant experience in teaching the language. Tutors go through proper checks and verification process to ensure only the qualified ones get into the category.

Tutors, on the other hand, are the regular native speakers of the language you wish to learn and some are the experienced students of LINGOSTAN. They help you in practice language your learning or the one that you already know. The tutors are native online speakers who offer you the best practice lessons to sharpen your language skills.

Finally, LINGOSTAN is the only platform that gives you the chance to meet native English speaker among other languages native speakers for those who just want to learn or practice the foreign language online. The charges on the LINGOSTAN are very reasonable, and you are sure of getting quality services as the tutors and teachers have the relevant experience and knowledge to ensure you get the best. You will also be able to meet a variety of teachers to choose from, and you can rotate till you get the right teacher for you and who you feel comfortable to teach you.