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Learning English is a major priority of anyone who hopes to progress in their career.  No matter the sector, whether it is business, IT, Health, marketing, technology or more, the company people work for will want proficient English speakers.  It is the international language of business and commerce.  This means there is a whole globe of potential customers who want the help of a native English speaker to hone their language skills.
English tutor online jobs are an excellent means of making money in your spare time or as a way into self-employment.  You don’t need any special qualification – the fact you are a native speaker is valuable to those hoping to learn the language, thus you can get an online tutoring job very easily.  It is not about breaking down the grammar and teaching them complex and intellectual vocabulary.  It is about conversing with the students and helping them hear how actual speakers of English express ideas.

english tutor online jobs

If you think the idea of English tutor online jobs are for you, then you need to start to think about how you might advance the language skills of one of your students.  A great starting point would be to think about what areas of life you speak about day in day out.  You eat every day, for instance, so food and drink should be one of the first topics you choose.  It could be that you start by discussing favourite foods.
Another area that is useful to focus on is the strange traditions and weird trickery that different users of English include around the world.  For instance, you might want to spend a whole session focused on idioms.  You might say that you avoid idioms like the plague… but then, oops, there is an idiom.  They fall into our language without us even being aware of it.
If you are teaching someone who wants to understand English used in England then you are going to have to spend some time on puns and irony (also known as sarcasm for the less kind hearted).  When basic language has been achieved, there is still room for the student to understand layers of meaning and the intention of the speaker.  This is likely to be crucial even in business English, where subtleties of negotiation are going to need some attention.
The best way for people to learn English is through immersion and through repetition.  Immersion just means that the student is forced to try to speak English because no other language is spoken.  This means if you are teaching some whose native language is Japanese, this is irrelevant.  You do not need to speak to them in Japanese, you need to always talk to them in English.  Repetition means to repeat yourself, which means trying to say it in a different way.  It might be that you spend a whole session focused on repeating a basic sentence structure such as “I like noodles” “I like fish” “I like sweet flavours” – with the point being that they begin to see a connection between the sentences and can add in other words.
English teaching online could be just the rewarding job you are looking for. Why not give it a try?