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Have you ever considered becoming a Japanese online instructor for foreign students? Read below, you can have a fantastic job where you choose the time you work, how many hours and how much you charge!

Japanese is an interesting and peculiar language: first of all, it has a set of characters that originate from Chinese but, in order to be adapted to the Japanese pronunciation, they were even eventually developed into Hiragana and Katakana, a sort of phonetics alphabet, making thus the Japanese writing quite complex to learn for foreigners. Secondly, you can’t learn Japanese without learning also the Japanese culture, so fascinating and different from all the Western cultures. Surely Japanese cannot be learned as German or English, on your own and just finding online resources. Students of the Japanese language need an experienced teacher who can follow them step by step into the process of language learning, a native teacher able to explain all the nuances of the language, starting from the Honorific Speech, something you really need to learn to avoid making embarrassing mistakes.

teach japanese online
Of course, there are many reasons for learning Japanese: just think about all the people who love Manga, and in general all the Japanese comics and cartoons. Japan is also one the most preferred country by young people who want to travel and learn about new cultures. Moreover, Japan is an important hub for international business, and Japan is one of the most powerful economy in the world.
So, if you would like to earn money working from home you may consider start teaching Japanese online to foreigners: all you need is a good internet connection and Skype. And if you are not qualified as a professional teacher, don’t worry, you can teach Japanese: you can work on our language community as a language tutor, that means you will just offer informal conversation to more advanced students.

There is a big business about teaching the Japanese language, many people want to learn and teachers and tutors are never enough, so we see often American or Italian people teaching Japanese and, even though they might have a real high level, nothing is like a native, only a native Japanese speaker will be able to explain to you thoroughly the rules of grammar.

Online Japanese teachers can really earn a living and good money nowadays just by teaching online to foreign students.
You could teach in a Japanese school in Japan, sure, there are many schools of Japanese in Tokyo, but you’ll have a boss, precise working hours and, most of all, take into account the time it’ll take to travel from your home to school.

By teaching Japanese online on Skype you can save up money and time, and lead a better life.
If you are interested and want to teach Japanese language online, register to our website LINGOSTAN, fill in your profile and submit it to us, we’ll let you know very soon. We have many options to pay you and the salary will be paid every 15 days.