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We need English teachers

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We believe that helping individuals to personally grow and develop their professional life is central to why we offer language study. Learning a new language gives you access to more of the world, a better global understanding and an improved mind. 

We need English teachers to deal with the rising demand for English language study.  This is not a surprise, as English is one of the most spoken languages in the world.  It is the language of the internet, the popular media and the business world.  Any progression in an international career needs a high proficiency in English.

We need English teachers who will be able to inspire new speakers to learn quickly and stay engaged in the process of learning.  Our teachers are central to our vision for serving our clients and delivering high-quality language tuition.

We believe high quality teachers are important.   Teachers can envision the goals for students and understand the path that will deliver individuals to that conclusion.  Even better students will negotiate this path with the student and help them to own the process.  People are often more engaged when they feel they have a choice.  The best teachers are confident and competent enough to proffer this choice.

Great teachers can use a variety of strategies to deliver content in a way that suits each student they teach.  Using strategies that are visual, auditory and kinaesthetic to vary the experience and appeal the way that a person learns.  It might mean using video or music, using card sorts or quizzes.  The approach to learning needs to be varied but also tailored.

To be an effective language teacher there is a need to understand how the language is structured and how the language has developed.  The teacher also needs to know the difference between social English, business English and academic English.  It is relatively easy to develop a social English but the process of learning the nuances of business and academic English is much more difficult.  Understanding the end needs of the student will impact on the way the learning is delivered but should not prevent the student from progressing further than they hoped.

Effective language teachers also understand the need for repetition, immersion in the language being learned and the constant testing of progress made against progress still to be made.  Although testing might make student’s feel insecure, it is central to language learning.  It will show the student the gaps that need to be filled but it will also show them how far they have come.  It is the role of the best teachers to make the student feel safe whilst challenging them with tests.

So, we need online English teachers and this is the standard of teacher we demand of our employees.  We do this because our students lay their hopes for their future in a global job market and a wider cultural experience in our hands.  Therefore, if you work for us then you know you will be one of the best English language teachers around.