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Have you ever thought to work as an English teacher online? Part of being an effective teacher, besides having a TEFL or a degree in English language, is being a native speaker (this is not always mandatory but it can be a boost) with an enthusiasm for communicating with people around the world. You will also bring important skills from your teacher training, including structuring your lesson plans, integrating varied strategies and including multimedia resources. You will understand what it takes to help develop a passion in new language speakers.

When you work as an English teacher online you have an opportunity to make a difference to someone’s life.  In this new world of the Internet and global business language set as English, learning the language is the gateway to the career of their dreams and future prosperity.  English is the most commonly spoken language in the world, with up to 1.6 billion people speaking the language.  So, for most people, learning English is one of the most important skills on her CV.

It is more than just a work opportunity; your students will want to learn English so they can travel easily.  They are more likely to find someone speaking English as they travel the world then their home languages.  It is therefore about enjoyment and culture.  This culture even extends to a desire to enjoy the most popular films without dubbing or subtitles and the chance to read some of the world’s best sellers in the original text.  Imagine the world you are opening up for your students.

English is also easy to learn.  A lot of it is about repetition and about speaking to someone so they get used to hearing the language spoken.  It is also easy to learn because it will continue to remain interesting and engaging, as there are so many ways to say something.  There are estimated to be somewhere in the region of 750,000 words in the English language.  Plus, there are new words add every year – there is even something called Singlish – which is a branch of English created in Singapore.
When you work as an English Teacher online you will also learn from the students you work with.  You will not be expected to know their home language to teach them, as you will always speak English.  But, you might start to pick up phrases from your students’ language.  More likely you will begin to learn more about their culture and their world view.  It is likely very different to ours and so will begin to broaden your understanding of the world at the same time.

Working online with students via Skype helps you to get to know them well.  You begin to form a relationship with your students.  This means when they start to improve you begin to feel the pride of knowing you have helped someone you are growing to like and respect to improve.  This is the reason most teachers teach – making a difference.  Although it pays well and offers great flexibility, the real reason you would want to teach English online is because you feel the most amazing satisfaction in the work that you do.