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Ever thought of learning Arabic? A difficult, but time-honored and definitely widespread language, Arabic is in high demand today, since the number of its native speakers is estimated between 290 million and 420 million people. Modern Standard Arabic is, besides, one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Lingostan offers its students more than just one form of Arabic: apart from the Modern Standard Arabic language, you can learn the Egyptian dialect in our online school, and that, as many specialists will confirm, is a big difference. We will be looking at more dialects as time goes; meanwhile, let us attract your attention to such an important aspect of the Arabic language as its writing systems. Shared by all dialects, it is by no means trivial, and many Europeans who tried to learn Arabic on their own have found the alphabet an obstacle. However, if you choose to learn Arabic online with Lingostan, our teachers will take care of the writing aspect. They will explain you the intricacies of the Arabic alphabet in the simplest and clearest way possible and make sure you learn both to read and to write it.

Arabic will open you access to an ancient and great culture of the East. Great literature of many centuries, poetry, and liturgy - you will be able to understand it all and to enjoy it all. Multiple languages around the world have derived numerous words from Arabic, so learning Arabic will be a bridge to all those languages if you decide to learn them in the future. Lastly, business opportunities connected with the countries where Arabic is spoken are hard to overestimate. And it is no secret that people usually appreciate it when the potential business partner takes the trouble to learn their language before starting to discuss the deal.

All in all, should you decide to learn Arabic online, we are here to help you, and we guarantee great results thanks to our online Arabic tutors. The next step is up to you.