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Let us take you through the many reasons why you should become a Bulgarian teacher online and earn money working via Skype. 
First, there is nothing more rewarding than online teaching. Bulgarian Jobs for language teachers don’t come along that often and working online gives you access to a global cohort of students.  You can literally teach anyone, no matter where they are.  All you and your student needs is a Wi-Fi connection and a good understanding of time zones.
Promoting your language is likely to be important to you.  Why would you have become a language teacher if it wasn’t? Working online gives you the platform to influence a larger number of students.  You have the voice to explain why learning Bulgarian will be helpful and expand the life of potential learners.
Secondly, Skype is an excellent tool for teaching.  It allows you to share your screen and to interact in both speech and in writing.  This is crucial to successful language teaching.  People need to be able to see images that would support language learning and students need to be able to experience both oral and written text.

Skype is easy to use – it is as easy as making a phone call.  All you need is an ID that you share with your students.  Once you are connected on Skype you can instant message each other or have a video conference.  You can also share files via Skype.  This means you can share worksheets and your student can share homework!
More than the tools offered, Skype is free for small groups of people to communicate.  This means you can teach Bulgarian at a low cost to you.  This makes Skype a valuable platform.

Another reason you will want to teach online is because it gives you flexibility in how you run your day.  We all desire freedom and teaching online gives you just that.  You do not need to travel to a place of work or worry about the management of a building.  You can literally do your job from the local coffee shop, with your favourite blend of cappuccino on hand.
Another reason why you might want the opportunity to participate in online teaching? Bulgarian jobs for language teachers are difficult to find.  If you work through a language website, your students will come to you because they have a need for your service.  It is difficult to attract people to a centre or to a school to learn Bulgarian.  Therefore, you will find it equally hard to find employment.  Working through a language website gives you the chance to teach and be employed in the profession you love.

Overall, language teaching of any variety is rewarding.  Of course, you want to teach your home language to whoever shows a desire and passion to learn.  Getting access to this group is difficult and working online is the best way of working as a Bulgarian language teacher.