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learn cantonese onlineIf you think that Cantonese it's an interesting language to learn (maybe due to its tones, sometimes daunting) or maybe because of the cultural background and because of the history that surrounds Hong Kong and others areas of China where people are mostly native Cantonese speakers, you may consider taking online lessons of Cantonese with a native teacher or tutor, since this language needs someone who can follow you from the beginning, to avoid making mistakes that may cost you so much time in the future to get rid of. If you have had already an experience learning Chinese, surely this might help you, anyway, keep in mind that Cantonese it’s not just a dialect of China, it’s a language of its own, and on some aspects quite different from Mandarin. If you try to listen to a Cantonese native speaker you will immediately realize how it sounds different from Chinese. The tones of Cantonese are at least 6 (there in an ongoing debate about this, maybe an online Cantonese teacher might help you in better understanding this issue about Cantonese tones) so you need to learn everything correctly from the beginning. Now someone might ask: why learn Cantonese? Sure, Mandarin Chinese has far more native speakers and it’s easier to master than Cantonese, but think about a region like Hong Kong: you might need to do business there, and while many people speak English there, Cantonese might definitely give you a boost. Moreover, even in Mainland China you can find native speakers of  廣東話 (Gwóngdūng wá) , for instance in Guangzhou (in the past it was called Canton).
Also in the province of Guangdong Cantonese it’s spoken by the majority of its inhabitants. And let us not forget Macau, where Cantonese is, together with other languages, and official one. And what about all the movies that come from Hong Kong,  and the CantoPop (粤语流行音乐 in simplified characters;  or traditional ones: 粵語流行音樂) wouldn’t it be nice to be able to understand these songs?

Is Cantonese an useful language to learn?

The answer can be both: “yes” and “it depends” like for every language. But here we are talking of a language with almost 100 million native speakers: maybe it’s shadowed by Chinese, but Cantonese keep a long tradition, culture and many business transactions are still made using Cantonese as a lingua franca. So, here five reason why you should learn Cantonese.

  1. Hong Kong has a strong and powerful economy, and it can help you to reach China too, so Cantonese for business could turn out a good choice for you;
  2. You can watch all the many movies that comes from HK, listen to Cantonese music;
  3. You can enhance your speaking skills: if you can learn to pronounce the tones of Cantonese, then the Chinese tones will look a lot more easy to you!
  4. You can impress people: now who can be surprised anymore by a westerner who speaks Chinese? But Cantonese, oh my! Find someone from America or Europe fluent in Cantonese, try it!
  5. Want to go to a Chinese restaurant in your town? Sorry to disappoint you, dude, but many Chinese overseas communities don’t speak Chinese, but Cantonese. Just imagine: you enter in a restaurant in San Francisco or Los Angeles, and you ask in Cantonese to have the menu in Cantonese, man, that is what can be called to really impress people!

So, surely Cantonese is a peculiar language, under many aspects, and need a different approach, so the best to do is to find a native Cantonese teacher, in order to listen to the real tones, the one people really speak. Now you can learn Cantonese online with a native teacher or tutor with very affordable rates and using some easy chat tools, so technology has definitely made language learning a lot easier. Surely learning with a teacher is far better than to learn Cantonese with a software or an app, it's paramount to choose a good method and study hard, but you are going to need a lot of help, be careful with video and online language tutorial, mostly are not made by Cantonese people, so you'll end up with such bad tones and nobody will be able to understand you.