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French is one of the major European languages. It is also a language of great literature, beautiful songs - and of love! French is a language many people want to learn for various reasons, including the following few:

French is spoken not only in France, but also in many African countries, in Canada and in the Caribbean, as well as in several countries throughout Europe

It is important to speak French if you travel to France or do business in this country: English may not be always sufficient

It is the language of many great writers, poets and composers of our past and present - and for a cultural person it is important to study the mankind’s cultural legacy in its respective original languages


French is a primary or second language of many international organizations - as you probably have noticed, we hear it every time the Olympic Games are taking place, just to mention one of many examples;


French is just awfully beautiful. You couldn’t make it sound less than beautiful even if you tried. To some people, that may be the main reason to learn it - that depends on what makes us tick.


But now that we have answered the question of why learn French, let’s get to business and look at the “how”. There are many options available to us this day and age, but the one we are suggesting to you is to learn French online with the help of our virtual language school named Lingostan. French has tricky grammar, so, at least at the early stages, when your level is A1 or A2, you might need help of an experienced teacher, and we have several such teachers on our staff.

Of course, you probably already have a relatively high level, and French grammar is no longer a mystery to you. In this case, we have another option to offer you - to book a lesson with an online French tutor, usually a native speaker, whose purpose will be to talk to you and let you talk, thus increasing your fluency and adding to your active vocabulary. Whichever is your preferred way to learn French online, Lingostan is here to help you realize your dream!