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Learn German online on Skype with native teacher and tutor

German is very popular with language learners, being one of the most widespread European languages. If, for example, you are interested in doing business with companies located in Germany, learning the language of the country might be a huge benefit. And since Germany is a strong, rich, influential country, this is a likely scenario. But doing business with German people is not the only reason to be interested in learning German - far from it. You can have friends in one of those countries where German is spoken - and it is an official language in six countries and a recognized minority language in 13 countries more. You may need it for traveling or for reading great German literature and poetry, or you can just be a language enthusiast learning different languages as a hobby. Whichever your reason, Lingostan is inviting you to learn German online with our highly qualified teachers and tutors.

This way you don’t have to make time to go to a language school - strictly speaking, Lingostan is a language school too, but it exists in the virtual space only, so it can afford to be more flexible with schedules and prices. Online language classes are a perfect solution for busy people who can’t spare much time and can’t be sure they have the same hours free every week to visit a real-life classroom. At Lingostan you can vary your hours to fit your changing circumstances.

If you decide to learn German online with Lingostan, you can choose the format of the lesson as well. If you are just starting to learn German, a teacher is your best bet - someone who will explain you the basics from the “scientific” point of view and will train you with the help of exercises and tests. But if you are already familiar with the language and just want to polish your speaking skills, then what you need is probably a tutor - a person who will hold a free conversation with you, thus helping you to learn through practice. The choice is up to you.