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Japanese is difficult to learn. Japanese would mean learning a whole new alphabet, a series of strange icons that don’t resemble anything you have seen before. It even means learning to read in a different direction! So, the offer to learn Japanese online on Skype might seem like a step too far. 
Yet, did you know that Japanese is one of the favourite languages that people like to learn.  If you have ever wondered why people choose to learn Japanese, here are some reasons.

First, Japan is an economic super power.  Tokyo, like London, like New York, like Paris, is one of the world’s most influential cities.  It is a place you live if you want to influence the future.  There are so many career opportunities in Japan and the Japanese culture is one that respects those that learn to speak the language.  If you want to excel in the innovation of technology or cars, then you are likely going to want to learn Japanese.  It is worth mentioning companies like Sony, Panasonic, Honda, Toyota and more – all of whom encourage their employees to learn the language.
Another reason Japanese is popular is because of the literary culture that is distinct to Japan.  Manga and Anime are a cultural product of the country and a better appreciation of the form comes from understanding the native language.  Reading Manga or watching Anime in a translated form loses some of the depth and charm of the original text. 

To learn Japanese online on Skype is also fun.  The Japanese language actually sounds really funny when you are learning to speak it for the first time.  There is something quite rhythmic and poetic about the pattern of spoken Japanese.  It feels comfortable in the mouth to speak Japanese (and you appear super smart when you can suddenly break out in Japanese in your local restaurant!)

Ultimately, you want to learn Japanese because you really want to visit Japan.  A lot of Japan is mountainous and there are some areas that are inhabitable so still untouched by man.  There is a massive population of people crammed into a small space – which makes the sense of people and culture condensed and intense.  Yet, despite being a busy place, the culture of Japan is one of peace and harmony – a spirituality that the east in renowned for.  There are traditions that enhance personal and social wellbeing, which mean people who live in Japan live longer than most other places.

There is a strong sense of Japanese solidarity that will impress you.  The Japanese, isolated by geography, have retained a strong sense of what it means to be from the island.  There is a strong culture, full of unique customs and traditions, which need to be experienced in Japanese to fully appreciate the history and depth of meaning.  This is an ancient civilisation and one that has embraced the future too.
When you realise all of this, it is easy to see why people want to learn Japanese so much.