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Korean is a language, which might interest you because you are into Asian languages in general, because you are about to move to one of the countries where it is spoken, or because you do business with Korean people. Or you might be interested in the history and culture of the Koreas or in languages as such. Or are you just about to marry a Korean person? Whatever the reason, Lingostan is happy to offer you the necessary help.

We are offering an online course of the Korean language - with a native teacher. With our help you can learn Korean online regardless of where you are physically located - as long as you have a good connection to the Internet. The schedule of the lessons will be tailored to your personal preferences - we fully understand that a busy person may find it hard to adhere to a rigid timetable of a standard language school. And if you have concerns about the quality of our online teaching, please let us reassure you on that point: Lingostan hires only the best language teachers, accredited and with confirmed experience.

A few words about the language itself: Korean is spoken by approximately 80 million people in the world and is the official language of two countries and, additionally,  two Chinese provinces. It has a much easier writing system than Japanese or Chinese, which is a good news for the potential learners. Korean has several dialects, but they are not very distant from each other and normally mutually intelligible. Like any other language, it will require time and effort to learn: that’s one rule to remember whichever language you are about to tackle, but with Asian languages it is especially true. Still, we, at Lingostan, are very sure that, if you decide to learn Korean online with us, you will overcome all the difficulties, and, with the help of our teacher, become a fluent speaker of Korean within a reasonable period of time.