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Do you know that the world’s famous Christmas tune “Carol of the bells” was composed by a Ukrainian teacher? Do you know that the first constitution in the world was written in Ukraine? In addition, this country is the largest state of the Europe and can boast seven World Heritage Sites. There are almost 50 million of ethic Ukrainians worldwide, including 37.5 million in Ukraine.

By the way, the cost of living in Kiev is 71.96% lower than in New York.
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Are you thinking about visiting Ukraine and learning Ukrainian language? There can be many sound arguments why you have decided to learn Ukrainian. Let us try to guess.
Your parents or grandparents are Ukrainians, and you, for some reasons, missed the opportunity to learn this soft, poetic language that takes the second place in the world on melodic criteria after Italian.

Or, you are planning to enter Ukrainian university to get your degree in medicine, engineering or aviation. If so, you have to stay in this country at least five years and acquire the necessary language skills to cope with everyday situations.
Well, probably you are a businessman who would like to start or who have already started some business in Ukraine. In that particular case, you might need writing skills to correspond with employees, as well as speaking and oral comprehensive skills to negotiate with partners during conferences and meetings.

Or, perhaps you have fallen in love with Ukrainian woman/man and want to make a proposal to your sweetheart in her/his native language. And in the nearest future you want to speak Ukrainian fluently with your spouse and children.    
No matter which one of the goals mentioned above you are following, the truth is: if you put your step on our Lingostan platform, you are on the right way on learning Ukrainian online. Our Ukrainian language specialists are here to assist, to inspire, to make difficult aspects of language as easiest as possible and, of course, to support you and to encourage. You'll surely find the best online Ukrainian teacher for you. As learning a language is like learning a musical instrument. You need to immerse, listen, produce, practice and understand unique patterning of sounds. You best learn with a good – human – teacher in both cases.
Set up your requirements and your individual learning plan elaborated by our teacher will exceed your expectations. Don’t bother about time difference. We have a lot of Ukrainian teachers and tutors living in the same time zone as you. You can attend our classes from the comfort of your home. All you need – to choose a teacher (you have three free trials), make your status visible in Skype and start conversation. A key to success on the first lesson: just put on your favorite T-Shirt, prepare the best coffee for yourself and bring a smile. If you forget the last, don’t worry our teacher will share it with you! That’s it! Enjoy learning!