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3 Ways to Enhance Your Effectiveness as an Online Vietnamese Teacher on Skype


As an online Vietnamese teacher, your main goal is to teach your students a new language different from their own. That requires patience and a creative approach to making the subjects relatable. But aside from flashcards, quizzes, and role playing, there are many different methods that can be employed when teaching. Some activities work well for learning proper pronunciation of Vietnamese words, while other tasks expand the student’s vocabulary. In either case, you, as the teacher, have to find ways to incorporate the best practices that makes learning more enjoyable and engaging.

If you’re an online Vietnamese teacher on Skype, here are three ways you can really help your students learn easier and faster.

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1. Use Body Language and Singing

When teaching the speaking and pronunciation of Vietnamese words, the best way to learn is to hear. Not only do the students need to be immersed in the language during at least 50 percent of the learning experience, they need to become familiar with the different sounds that various letters make in comparison to the English language. Being able to see the spelling of a word, then associate it with something familiar that leads the student to the correct pronunciation is a great way to differentiate words visually. In order to incorporate that into your teaching skills, try associating body language or singing with certain sounds and tones.

For instance, karaoke could be a great way to train students to properly pronounce words. The combination of music, singing, and even a little dance will help them associate certain words with a familiar sound. This allows them to use the song as a reference that helps them remember the experience, and thus remember what they heard and said. This is helpful when reviewing a group of lessons or studying for a test.

During your lessons, you could stand while teaching, and use your body to accentuate certain words or sounds. Movements like standing on your toes, changing facial expressions, and changing your posture could provide visual ties that help students learn the lessons on a daily basis.

2. Read Along with Audio

Another way to get beginner students familiarized with Vietnamese is to allow them to record the audio of you reading from text, then instructing them to listen to the audio while reading along. This process not only helps them to read Vietnamese, but the process of repetition will increase the speed in which they are able to retain the information.

By the time they have done as instructed, they will have already processed the information visually and audibly once. Their assignment will give them another round of exposure. In essence, they will have processed the written version twice without much effort. After a few more sessions, the students start recognizing more and more words in the written form. More advanced students will benefit from reading Vietnamese newspapers regularly. Discussing current events in Vietnam will help students with basic Vietnamese knowledge learn to read the language more proficiently.

3. Pick Up a Pen Pal

Teaching students to write Vietnamese is a very advanced skill, with many online instructors excluding it from their lessons. But should you include it in your curriculum, one of the best ways to teach your students to write Vietnamese fluently is to assign them Vietnamese pen pals. These days, there are so many online platforms that will hook you up with digital pen pals from around the globe, so it’s very easy to strike up a correspondence with a native Vietnamese speaker.

Not only will your students learn to communicate in the language with a native speaker, they also get direction from a person who they are building a bond with. As the pen pal shares their own thoughts and ideas through their emails, your student will be much more engaged and interested in learning how the written language is used.

The best way to expand your business as an online Vietnamese teacher on Skype is to provide quality instruction that is engaging and effective. By integrating these tips into your style of teaching, you will help your students retain their lessons more efficiently. Not only will they learn more from you, but they will value their experience with you.