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SB5VE4 Age: 25
CN tting
Tutor of Chinese (Native)
I just love learning language as you guys!! Let's make progress together!
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$18.00 USD
DM2EZ5 Age: 32
CN KerriYang
Tutor of Chinese (Native)
I am a certified Chinese tutor with 11 years of teaching Chinese Mandarin. I love to surround myself with children and after years of being in their company I feel I have a deep understanding of both children’s emotions and their educational needs. I can teach all different levels and both adults and kids. Looking forward to teaching you soon.

Do you want to be able to say "I have my Chinese tutor"? We mean a private tutor, a personal one, since learning the basic of Chinese it's not enough. Tonese are tricky and only a native Mandarin tutor can really help you to listen to the genuine tones spoken by Chinese people, which are different from the one you hear in audio books. For example, did you know that Chinese native speakers never say a full third tone, but they make a sort of "half third tone"? On our website you can:

1) Choose your online Chinese tutor and change them when you want;

2) book just one lesson, if you don't need an entire course, so for instance you can book an online Chinese class today and another even after months, here you are totally free to manage your learning needs in the way you like most!

3) have a free trial lesson with a Chinese tutor, with no obligation to book other online Chinese lessons if you don't like this tutor.

You can use Skype or WeChat, since we have native tutors who live in China but some of them are living in the US. Remember: if you are looking for online Chinese courses, you may start thinking that having one of the best Chinese tutor would be much better than a simple course, you'll have more fun and you will also save up money!

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