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EG6NR3 Age: 30
KR Mia
Professional Teacher of Korean (Native)
Wanna speak real Korean? If you want an experienced and skillful teacher with fun vibe, you're on the right page :) Hello, I'm a native Korean tutor Mia. I'm a certified Korean teacher and have conducted over 1000 lessons online. I have a big passion and pride in teaching students as a native Korean teacher.

Online Korean teacher

Find today a professional Korean teacher if you want to learn Korean or just improve the language you already know. South Korea is a really wonderful countrie, so full of interesting things for foreigners eager to learn this beautiful and sometimes odd language. All you have to do is to find the best Korean teacher on Skype who fits your needs, and you can practise and speak Korean online at very affordable rates. Our Korean native teachers live in Seul, so they will be able to teach you the real Korean language, the one you are going to need when travelling through this country if you want to talk with the locals.

Learn Korean online

Now with the help of qualified online Korean teachers you can not only afford to learn Korean online by Skype, but you can enjoy all the process of learning by staying in your room, warm and cosy, maybe while enjoying a Korean drama, that you dream of watching in the original language. Korean is very different in many aspects compared to English, it has a odd grammar and a strange word order and most of all uses a complex and quite different writing system, so you really need an experienced professor to guide you through such complex structure.


Korean teacher Skype

Skype is really a wonderful tool for those who need to learn languages online: it's free, it offers top quality and it's available across all countries. Korean teachers on Skype can teach you very easily since you can have a video call, and there is also a chat where the teacher can write all the useful information and correction you need. And if you are already fluent in Korean and just want to have an informal conversation on Skype, then the best choice for you might be to find a Korean tutor, since you don't need structured lessons, but just spoken Korean classes or even a simple chat like you would do among your close friends.

Book now your free lesson, yes, you understood correctly, here on Lingostan.com you can have free Korean lessons, as a first trial, and only if you like your teacher you can then pay for other lessons, but there is not obligation whatsoever to book other Korean classes online with us, since you don't even need to give us your credit card, and all the other classes you can pay by Paypal, but only if you decide to go on with that. There is not a better place in order to find a Korean teacher online, and our language learning website offer plenty of choce for students, regarding price and time zone, so go ahead, don't waste time and start learning Korean online today, with us!

Teach Korean online, online Korean teacher

Korean online teaching jobs:  job recruitment for native Korean teachers. Become a Korean instructor

Have you ever considered becoming a Korean online instructor for foreign students? Read below, you can have a fantastic job where you choose the time you work, how many hours and how much you charge!

Korean is an interesting and peculiar language: first of all, it has quite a peculiar alphabet, making thus the Korean writing quite complex to learn for foreigners. Secondly, you can’t learn Korean without learning also the Korean culture,  so fascinating and different from all the Western cultures. Surely Korean cannot be learned as German or English, on your own and just finding online resources.

Students of the Korean language need an experienced teacher who can follow them step by step into the process of language learning, a native teacher able to explain all the nuances of the language.

Of course, there are many reasons for learning Korean:

1. K-pop and K-culture
Thanks for Internet and SNS like Youtube and Facebook, the world can be connected. It means, Korean culture can be go every country. Drama and entertainment are popular, specially. But as you know, translating is not perfect way. People have aspirations to understand 'the real meaning' through knowing Korea. 

2. Scientific fact
Korean was made on scientific base. It was come from our articulators such as mouth, lips, tongue. These reason, we can speak out every language by Korean. For the more, easy to learn. Thanks for wisdom from the Joseon Dynasty period, we can learn efficiently and easily.
Moreover, South Korea is an important hub for international business, and South Korea is one of the most powerful economy in the world.
So, if you would like to earn money working from home you may consider start teaching Korean online to foreigners: all you need is a good internet connection and Skype. And if you are not qualified as a professional teacher, don’t worry, you can teach Korean: you can work on our language community as a Korean language tutor, that means you will just offer informal conversation to more advanced students.

There is a big business about teaching the Korean language, many people want to learn and teachers and tutors are never enough, so we see often Chinese people teaching Korean and, even though they might have a real high level, nothing is like a native, only a native Korean speaker will be able to explain to you thoroughly the rules of grammar.

Online Korean teachers can really earn a living and good money nowadays just by teaching online to foreign students.
You could teach in a Korean school in South Korea, sure, there are many schools of Korean in Seul, but you’ll have a boss, precise working hours and, most of all, take into account the time it’ll take to travel from your home to school.

By teaching Korean online on Skype you can save up money and time, and lead a better life.
If you are interested and want to teach Korean language online, register to our website LINGOSTAN, fill in your profile and submit it to us, we’ll let you know very soon. We have many options to pay you and the salary will be paid every 15 days.

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