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LL4DI6 Age: 61
NO NorwegianOnlineTeacher
Professional Teacher of Norwegian (Native)
My name is Nancy, and I have been teaching Norwegian online since 2012. I love teaching my native language! Maybe you do not speak one word of Norwegian. Maybe you want to practice speaking, or you need grammar corrections. I can help you to make sense of it all.

Online Norwegian teacher on Skype

Are you looking for someone to teach you Norwegian online? So, whether you think to learn Bokmål, Riksmål or Nowegian Nynorsk (the three different varietes of this language spoken in Norway) our language community is perfect for you, since we can provide to our students the best online Norwegian teachers, who can set up a personalised course for you and offer also spoken Norwegian classes to more advanced students. We have a professional teacher from Oslo, so she can teach you the real language spoken in the capital city, and not just the literary one. You can book your lesson and meet your teacher or tutor on Skype, because yes, we can also offer Norwegian tutors for more advanced learners, that is, for those who don't like classical lessons but just wish to chit-chat with their trainer. All our professional Norwegian teachers are native speakers, because we believe that such unusual languages like the Scandinavian ones, cannot be taught by non natives, since there is a shortage of online resources, so only a native Norwegian teacher can really give you the proper help to make you learn Norwegian.

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