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Portuguese tutor near me


When asked where Portuguese is spoken, most people would name Portugal and Brazil, which is quite cool in itself, but still an incomplete list. It is actually an official language of nine different countries and is spoken as a minority language in 14 more. If we look at the total number of speakers of this language, it will be exactly the same as French has, and for the majority of those people it will be a native tongue. Thus, the idea of choosing an online Portuguese tutor could be a great opportunity for your learning process, since a native Portuguese tutor or teacher from Brasil will help you master the real Brasilian accent.


Of course, as it is with all languages that have spread themselves over a considerable part of the world, Portuguese has many different accents and dialects. It sounds very differently in Brazil from what it does in Portugal, for instance. But it is still, basically, the same language, and if you learn one version of it, people will still understand you even if their own dialect is different. What’s more, being a Romance language, Portuguese is partly mutually intelligible with other languages of the same group, especially Spanish. So, as you can see, it does open a lot of doors.

If you have made up your mind, we suggest that you try to learn Portuguese online. Lingostan is one of the places where you can do it, and we guarantee that you will be happy with the results. Native speakers will teach you using popular Internet tools like Skype for the online class, and before long you will be speaking fluent Portuguese. You can pick your Portuguese teacher yourself, so if you are interested in any particular dialect, just choose a teacher or a tutor from that country. Finally, when you learn online, you can choose the most convenient hours.

There is yet another reason to learn Portuguese with an online tutor rather than in a real classroom. You pay much less when you go for this option. Pay less to get more, with no strings attached – now, isn’t this a really attractive proposition?