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Web positioning services in Italy. Seo agency in Rome

lingoseoLingoSeo is a branch of Lingostan, and its mission is to offer seo services in Italy for all the foreign companies that want to start a business in Italy. We are italian seo specialists and of course we know the italian market and thanks to native italian speakers who work in our company we are able to give you the best content for web marketing in Italy and site positioning.

We provide to you web copywriting, link building, press releases, optimization on-site and off-site and we help you to target the right people, by choosing the proper keywords for your business. Today doing SEO does not mean going around just throwing random links, like people used to do in the past. Nowadays there is much, much more in this profession. The algorithms have changed a lot, now we need to focus more on quality and on the user experience. To be able to rank higher in the SERPs you need to give your user a very high level experience. You need to pay attention to a lot of things, first of all, to make your site user friendly from mobile too, and that means to have contents fully accessible from every kind of OS, Browser and phone, whether it be iPad, Kindle, Android and any other Smartphone.

In order to promote your website in Italy you need to bear in mind that:

- The domain name must be in italian and the domain extension has to be a .it, to better target the Italian customers;

- All the site content must be in Italian, especially the home page;

- You need to receive quality backlinks from Italian websites, not foreign ones like English websites or Russian websites, that’s in order to make Google understand that your content is for the Italian audience;

- Italy is very peculiar: Google does not have just a huge market share, Google has all Italy, there are really no other options: Yahoo! and Bing are not used by Italian people, together they could reach maybe 3% of all searches, so Google makes up more than 95% of all searches in Italy, so we really need to concentrate only on Google.

Discover with us how to make a website rank higher on Google, we work only with the most “clean” and up to date seo techniques. We work to get you the best blog guest postings, dofollow links from authoritative  sites and we avoid bad directories.

If you want your website to rank on the first page of the Italian Google, we can help you achieve your goal. Our services are cheaper compared to the cost of the Search Engine Optimization in the USA or in the UK, since Italian freelancers are more low cost compared to other Western countries, but that does not mean the quality is lower, that is just the way things go on the Italian market right now.

You can contact us for a free quote, we will make a first free evaluation of your website and we will get back to you very soon.