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Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  The miles of paradise beaches, the mountains, the small villages and the extraordinary cities – these are all reasons why Thailand is a resort of choice for most people at some point in their life.  To really appreciate the beauty of this ancient culture, you need to learn the language of the natives.  If you commit to this task you will appreciate this astonishing place in so much depth.
The reason to learn Thai online on Skype go far beyond just politeness when visiting Thailand – although this is actually a fairly decent reason in itself.  Learning Thai will offer you many rewards that are worth considering.

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First, if you learn Thai you will better understand the people and the culture.  You will start to understand some of the colloquialisms used and how they classify objects and show difference in the way they address people.  Just understanding that a popular word in Thai is grengjai, which means being gracious, shows you something about the people of Thailand.  It shows you how much they value respect and politeness. 
Remember how easy it is to offend you in your language.  Learning Thai will help you to communicate effectively with a partner or friend without upsetting them.  There are lots of ways of saying something that can show disrespect – without meaning to upset someone – but without understanding by implication how you have been rude.  Learning Thai will help you keep close friends and partners.
The only way you can really make Thai friends is by learning their language and the nuances.  Even in business, learning Thai will mean you can explore the nuances of the relationship you want to share and deepen the relationship.
If you visit Thailand and you learn Thai it will keep you from getting lost.  Thai is made up of a different alphabet. Therefore, reading road signs is quite difficult if you don’t try to learn some of the language.  You will also be able to ask for directions – the locals are wonderful and want to help – but you are going to have to learn their language to communicate with them.
Learn Thai online on Skype and make it easier to expand your enjoyment of a wonderful country. You can appreciate the wonderful ingredients in food and the powerful impact of some of the wonderful alcohol on offer.  You can find your way to the beach and enjoy the friendly welcome of the locals – who love that you visit them and want to get to know you better.

Learning on Skype means you can learn even when you have found your way to Thailand.  You can continue your appreciation of the language, improving your chances of employment if you decide to stay.  It is likely that you will want to stay too – there is so much to see, to learn, to love – so many people who want to share – so much history that you can immerse yourself within.  It might just be the best thing you do – it has to be worth a try!