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/e/ sound in French is a problem just for Spanish natives?

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  • /e/ sound in French is a problem just for Spanish natives?

    Hi all,
    I'd like to share my frustration. It's VERY difficult for me to make different French "e" (like "mère", allez, for example). I know tht is a common problem for Spanish native people, but how about the rest of you? Do you also find this so difficult to pronounce, even to hear?

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    I've never studied French at school, but just by myself many years ago. I have a similar problem: when I hear French, I can never guess if the "e" is meant to be written like "è" or "é", and consequently I find it difficult to pronounce them differently. But I guess it's just a matter of habits. The more you practise, the more it gets easier!


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      Ok Alice, so do you think it happens also with Italian speakers in general? Any idea about others?


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        I must confess that I don't have such a problem, except I'm not sure if I get right the pronunciation of "ais" and "ait" endings.


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          Voilà, that's one part of the problem. English natives tend to pronounce those endings like "ei", while Spanish natives tend to pronounce always "e", despite is written "oe", "ais", "è" or "e" or whatever...