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Learning invented languages

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  • Learning invented languages

    I wanted to ask you if anyone had tried to learn languages that were invented like J.R.R. Tolkien's Elvish or Klingon from Star Trek?
    I'm really interested in those but I don't want to invest much time in something that is "useless".

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    Hi and welcome,

    that is very interesting and fascinating, I never tried but regarding Klingon as you can read on Wiki that are a group of people, Star Trek fans, who speak Klingon to a good conversational level.


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      I haven't tried to learn them myself, but recently I befriended a few conlang enthusiasts on VK.com. You have to be a real enthusiast to undertake something like this, because, obviously, they aren't the kind of languages you could talk to native speakers while traveling, and also there are precious few materials (newspapers are published in some conlangs, though).

      Duolingo has recently added Klingon and Valyrian to the list of languages that can be learnt using their website, so if you are really interested...