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  • Language fatigue

    Have you guys ever felt like you can't face another foreign word? How do you overcome it?

    For me, luckily, such a feeling never lasts long (yet) - a few minutes at most, and still I don't like the fact that I can actually feel this way. A year ago I couldn't even imagine that, being always greedy for more words.

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    Personally I think everyone reaches a point in their language learning where that happens. They get to a point where they feel like a language is no longer worth the time at the moment. So they drop it for periods of time...
    I also think some may find themselves in that kind of feeling because of the influence of others. For example for those who love languages and learning them, if you constantly are being told by others that you are wasting time, it can get to you and make learning not as enjoyable as it once was. It takes you a while to get back to where you are in love with it again.
    I don't necessarily see this feeling as a bad thing. More like your mind telling you to take a break so you don't get burnt out on what you love


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      Thanks... yes, I agree with much of what you say. It's about time I started taking it easy.