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Do you think that foreign languages are taught effectively in your country? - Lingostan Forum


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Do you think that foreign languages are taught effectively in your country?

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  • Do you think that foreign languages are taught effectively in your country?

    Do you think that foreign languages are taught effectively in your country's school system?

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    Eeehhh, I write from Spain.
    If that's not enough to answer your question... I'll try to be more clear: NO.
    We have an old ineffective system, with not too many hours per week (this is changing), with second foreign language totally neglected and not a trace of effective communicating procedures. Our thing is grammar, grammar and grammar. Reading and listening, we do some,but talking... it's just ridiculous...


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      I guess I may add that, like in Italy, you employ almost all native Spanish teachers, and not native teachers of the foreign language taught.


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        I think everyone is critical of their own country.

        With regards to Spain, I always found Spanish people, at least in Madrid, to have a much better level of English than I expected from an average Joe.

        In England, I think we have one of the worst systems for language learning. This is partly due to the fact that the majority of people can get away with just speaking English wherever they go. Sometimes we don't realise how lucky we are!

        I would love to see more immersive language experiences in England and it would be great to see more students having the confidence to go to another culture and study a new language. We are a little isolated and have very little contact with other languages unless we go abroad.


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          All I remember from school is "Moscow is the capital of the USSR" and "The Great October Socialist Revolution". Wonder why I didn't love English much in those years?

          These days it is a lot more interesting, but still my daughter learned very little at school - just the basics. And then after watching cartoons on YouTube for two months she was suddenly fluent.

          A couple of examples - my daughter writes a short essay that contains the well-known idiom - "I got carried away". The teacher underlines it and says - don't use this expression in essays: it's too colloquial.

          Sorry, WHAT?

          Then I write some text for the presentation, which neither my daughter, nor her teacher could be bothered to write up. Later the teacher tells me - it was all correct, except you got Present Perfect wrong twice. At home, I re-read the whole thing and find no errors - and no instances of Present Perfect anywhere.

          You get the idea.

          And, of course, they still teach the kids to say "I shall". "I will" is considered a mistake. Wake up, people, it's the 21st century!
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            Could be that I'm too critical with my own country educational system, since it's true that, for example, French people are not very good at other lnguages in my experience, and English system problems are proverbial, but I can't do otherwise. A crap. Just non-native teaces, as Lingostan pointed out...


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              Zak, I have to say that my experience is pretty much the same as yours. The government doesn't push for us to learn foreign languages at school. But at least these days the better schools do have native speakers - when I was a t school (a good grammar school) all our teachers were English (oops, sorry - one was Welsh!)


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                Originally posted by Laury Burr View Post
                (oops, sorry - one was Welsh!)
                We had a guy from Catalonia; it was thwenty years ago, today I suppose it counts as a foreigner, or almost...