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Why so many people want to learn Korean? - Lingostan Forum


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Why so many people want to learn Korean?

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  • Why so many people want to learn Korean?

    In the last few years the demand for learning Korean has skyrocketed. It's easy to understand why people want to learn Chinese (booming economy, most spoken language in the world) and Japanese (manga, the culture, the food), but why Korean? I'm not saying that Korea it's not an interesting country, every country is, but why there has been this sudden increase of people wanting to learn this language in your opinion?

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    Hi, I'm Henny from Korea.
    As you said, Korean language got huge boom in now days. Not just Asia area, But also in Europe and America. There can be various answers and reasons, but my opinion is these ;

    1. K-pop and K-culture
    Thanks for Internet and SNS like Youtube and Facebook, the world can be connected. It means, Korean things can be go every country and culture. Drama and entertainment are popular, specially. But as you know, translating is not perfect way. People have aspirations to understand 'the real meaning' through knowing Korea.

    2. Scientific fact
    Korean was made on scientific base. It was come from our articulators such as mouth, lips, tongue. These reason, we can speak out every language by Korean. For the more, easy to learn. Thanks for wisdom from the Joseon Dynasty period, we can learn efficiently and easily.

    3. Connection with other countries
    Korean government have tried to communicate with other countries. Not just for economical polices, education, movies and so one. So, many Korean young people go to world and many foreign young people come to Korea at the same time. Like this, international exchanges were started from the young, it can have huge power and chances as a result. Globalization don't set the limit on age and occupation.

    How about you, guys?
    What make you have interest in Korea? I want to heard about your reasons.


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      Thank you for the answer, now it makes perfectly sense!