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Egyptian Arabic VS. Modern standard Arabic (MSA)

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  • Egyptian Arabic VS. Modern standard Arabic (MSA)

    What is the difference between Egyptian colloquial Arabic and the Modern standard Arabic?. Which of both shall I start learning?. Many questions will come across your mind when your are thinking about learning the Arabic language, in particular. There are some differences between both of them that you should know about. Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is the most widespread regional dialect of Arabic as it is the language used in Arabic entertainment, most notably in movies. With its prominence, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is the most popular Arabic dialect.

    If you are planning to visit Egypt or you are interested to know more about the Arabic culture through movies, songs,...etc, so you have to learn Egyptian Arabic. On the other hand, Modern Standard Arabic is the official language of 22 Arab countries. Wherever you go, you can easily deal with MSA. This is the main difference between both of them. Still have to decide which one you shall start learning, so lets clarify some benefits of both:

    Learning Egyptian Arabic will help you coming closer to the Arabic culture, watching famous movies and dealing with all people in Egypt- even the illiterate ones. However, learning Modern Standard Arabic will give you the chance to deal freely in any of the Arab countries- including Egypt- without being misunderstood. You can also read books of history and literature easily.

    Finally, for students who are brand new to Arabic, it is recommended to start learning Modern standard Arabic; because you get the basic rules of the Arabic language, then you can easily try to know more about the Egyptian dialect.

    Hopefully, these points may help you decide which one to choose.

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    What you are trying to say is, doubtless, that we should learn both versions

    Got it. But not before 2021.


    • noha amr
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      Basically, if you learned MSA, you are almost able to deal everywhere and with anybody. What you may miss is that you may not be able to understand some of the idioms mentioned in movies and so on. That is because all the movies depend on the colloquial language. You will be missing the entertainment, but you will get the whole idea of the movie.

      Hope you learn both of them quickly.