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To Lend & To Borrow - Lingostan Forum


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To Lend & To Borrow

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  • To Lend & To Borrow

    Okay, so these verbs are related but often mixed up.

    If you lend something to someone, you give them it for a period of time with the expectation of getting it back.

    For example:

    “Will you lend me five pounds? I forgot my wallet.”

    “I lent her my jacket as it was raining.”

    “She is going to lend me the film so I can watch it at home.”

    If you borrow something from someone, you take it for a period of time with the expectation of giving it back.

    For example:

    “Can I borrow five pounds? I forgot my wallet.”

    “I borrowed his jacket as it was raining.”

    “I’m going to let him borrow the film so he can watch it at home.”

    I have purposely used similar examples as you can see the similarities, but also the differences.

    You can borrow something FROM someone.

    You cannot borrow something TO someone.

    You can let someone borrow something FROM you.

    Borrowing is always taking something from someone else.

    You can lend something TO someone.

    You cannot lend something FROM someone.

    Lending is always giving to someone else.

    Phew! Any questions?

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    An excellent article. I've heard English people get it wrong!