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"My Friend And Me" Or "My Friend And I" - Lingostan Forum


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"My Friend And Me" Or "My Friend And I"

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  • "My Friend And Me" Or "My Friend And I"

    A tough conundrum coming up to test you all this Monday!

    Time for a quick quiz...

    Which is correct?

    “My friend and me went to the cinema to watch a film.”

    “My friend and I went to the cinema to watch a film."

    Hopefully, you all picked the second choice.

    Think about it without the complication of “My friend and...”. This requires just a little bit of imagination.

    You would not say me went to the cinema to watch a film. Once the friend is added to the equation, it does not change the fact that you are performing the action of the sentence.

    So, whenever you come up against a sentence like this, don’t worry. Just imagine that you don’t have that pesky friend with you and you will be fine!

    As always, practice often, make fewer mistakes. A mantra that is useful for us all learning a language.
    Last edited by Zak; 12-12-2017, 10:20 AM.

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    Make fewer mistakes.


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      I have always hadthis problem. Thanks! I'll remember it!


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        Really wonderful explanation.
        Thank you Zak.


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          You're welcome guys! Glad it was useful!


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            Thank you Zak, It's the way I was taught to decide which was correct - an easy rule once learnt, no? Yet you'd be surprised - if not horrified - to see/hear how many English people get it wrong!


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              Well spotted Irina - the less/fewer dichotomy is one which catches out a lot of English people. I used to get it wrong...


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                Yeah... and to be corrected by me


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                  Yes, I remember. Thanks!