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'Of' to replace 'Have' in 2019

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  • 'Of' to replace 'Have' in 2019

    Not to worry - obviously, someone started celebrating the April Fools' Day a little too early
    But imagine for a moment it's the truth... I very nearly got a stroke.

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    But maybe one day it'll really happen, after all, English people managed even to take away the plural of "you"


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      The singular of "you", you mean.

      I hope it won't. Too absurd. One of my friends used to write "off" instead of "have", and it took me a while to figure out what he meant.


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        well, yes, you mean that before thay had "thou" and you/ye and then "thou" become only for archaic and poetic language, but right now it may be considered that they lack the plural, since that's why in some places they feel the need to add "you all" and can't speak without.


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          Firstly. my congratulations to Irina for finding this article! Great detective work!

          Secondly, a little background information for our non-British readers - the majority, I'm guessing.

          Southend (or, more correctly, Southend-on-Sea) is a seaside resort (and commuter town) just north of the Thames estuary, in the county of Essex. Essex, in turn, is east of London, and has often been the preferred destination for those "east-enders" (residents of the east end of London, traditionally the poorest part of London) who have managed to improve thier standard of living and want to move away from "the smoke" (itself an outdated concept since the ban on burning coal back in - if I recall correctly - the 1960s). As a consequence the term "Essex girl" has arisen and implies a girl of limited intelligence and, often blonde. Double whammy!

          So, my reaction was "Essex girls will believe this!" Not very politically correct of me, I guess!


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            It is not just Essex though. As I already mentioned elsewhere, my Australian friend wrote off instead of have.

            Thanks for the congratulations. I found it in the Omniglot fan club on FB, and nearly fell for it for a couple of seconds, but then twigged. The shock of my life it was, I tell you!