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    Hi, guys, I'm always confused about the usage of "in" "on" and "at" in English, especially when they are used in location, time, etc. Can you explain it to me and give me some examples on how to distinguish them?

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    In March; on 5 March; at 5 o'clock, at the time of his visit.

    At school, at university, in the shop, on the table, in the country, in England, in the streets (or on the streets, but there's a subtle difference in meaning).

    Here is more:


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    This is an interesting question and as so often in English there are exceptions to the rule, but the general rule (in brief):

    IN - Used for being inside of something.


    It is in the house.
    She is in Spain.
    I am in his friend group.

    ON - Used most generally, you can be at the top of something, involved in a situation or talking about the street or road.


    It is on the table.
    I am on the internet.
    He is on Main Street.

    AT - Used for being at a location or at a point.


    I am at home.
    He is at his breaking point.


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      I'd love to see similar articles on the other languages here in (on?) Lingostan - there's never a strict one-for-one translation for these prepositions.