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Writing Russian with latin letters

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  • Writing Russian with latin letters

    I've seen on Facebook that people whose native language employ the Cyrillic alphabet sometimes on their wall write words using the latin alphabet. My doubt is this: do they do this for a specific reason or it's just a sort of trend among young people? if the answer is the second, I immagine there'll be an ongoing and fierce debate among linguistics about this: somebody might see that as something that will deprive the language of its tradition and culture. But another thought I have is this: given the leaderhip of the latin alphabet in almost all international fields, and considering that even on Russian websites you'll be likely to find the urls in latin (it is some time now that it is even possible to register domain names with non-latin characters, but only a very limited number of websites have done so, and in the urls the majority of websites employ latin) do you think is there a sort of inferiority complex among some people who have to use another alphabet different from latin?

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    Most likely their gadget doesn't support Cyrillic, that's all. You shouldn't read too much into it.


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      So you mean maybe they write on mobile and it does not have Cyrillic? because my Android too has Cyrillic, if i set it, very easily.


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        Probably expats who share their computers with local colleagues. Or someone with a very old phone.


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          I think it depends on the device you use when it comes to the Cyrillic alphabet to be honest. I know in my country, America, our computers, phones, tablets, etc only come with a standard English keyboard. We have the ability with the use of extra keys to take certain letters and add accent marks to them so we can write in languages such as Spanish, Italian, etc.
          However there is no way to write in a language such as Russian because the Cyrillic alphabet is nowhere to be found. I have a Cyrillic alphabet keyboard added to my tablet but in the USA if you want to be able to write in the actual alphabet, you must either download a keyboard app that has it or purchase online a custom keyboard for your computer. As far as it being written in the Latin alphabet. I have seen both and I employ both as a learning tool to help remember pronunciation, etc


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            That's right. I remember chatting on ICQ to a guy who was Russian by birth but moved to the USA. He wrote to me always in Latin characters, and I replied in Cyrillic. But here, in Russia, old gadgets that couldn't manage Cyrillic are a thing of the past now. Smartphones have changed all that.

            Cyrillic is safe from what I'm seeing around me. For another hundred years at least.