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SE, SE y SE. Quick guide to Spanish "se" pronouns

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  • SE, SE y SE. Quick guide to Spanish "se" pronouns

    I know is not easy to make the difference between different "se" exisitng in Spanish. A lot of Spanish people don't know that there are several words "se", and they use them perfectly, so is not really important to know the differences between them, but maybe it can help some of you to see it clearer...

    Not even experts agree about how many uses of "se" we can find in Spanish; up to 11! (https://www.mecd.gob.es/dam/jcr:e8a9...noglez-pdf.pdf) But basically we can find:
    - Reflexive SE: subject's action fall on himself > Juan se lava.
    - Recoprocal SE: two or more subjects execute the same action in the other(s) > Juan y José se quieren.
    - "Fake SE": and indirect object used instead of "logical" 3rd person pronoun (LE or LES) before LO, LA, LOS, LAS. Wait, I'll be clearer:
    Juan entrega el libro a María [Subject-verb-Direct Object-Indirect Object]
    Juan le entrega el libro [Subject-IO-verb-DO]
    Juan SE lo entrega [Subject-IO(false se)-DO-verb]
    -Part of pronominal verbs: verbs which include SE as a part of it, and the meaning change without it.> Juan no se acordaba de mí [acordarse=remember, different from acordar, agree]. Sometimes make start an action (José se puso a llorar) or reinforce it (Se bebió tres copas).
    - Impersonal SE: subject is not present or not important > Se dice que aquí se come muy bien.
    - Passive reflex SE: subject is passive, but verb is active > Se cocina el pollo durante una hora.

    There are other possibilities, and a lot of questions about it...
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