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How did the slang word "crack" creep into the Spanish language? - Lingostan Forum


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How did the slang word "crack" creep into the Spanish language?

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  • How did the slang word "crack" creep into the Spanish language?

    I am a massive football fan and an avid player and I've seen this used between players on social media. As far as I can tell, the form seems to be a positive word to describe someone that people respect or find cool.

    Can any native speakers enlighten me here?

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    Hum, a very goo question. I can't, sorry. But I can give some simple ideas...
    -Probably you know that we have included a lot of English words in our everyday vocabulary and in our dictionary, since english influence is massive (not as much as French language, but almost), even if there is some resistence from Real Academia de la Lengua. We call that anglicismos. In fact they suggest tu use "crac".
    -We already used crack for de economical one and the drug.
    -You know, sport journalist are not very crweful with languge, so why not? Even if we have other words in Spanish to say the same but they are longer and not so cool... But I don't know who was the first. I suppose some media guru some fifteen years ago.
    -this made me remember a great film from 1981 that I strongly recommend, "El crack" https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_cra...ADcula_de_1981). But I'm not sure of the use given by director in this case.