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Voseo: the use of vos in Latin America

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  • Voseo: the use of vos in Latin America

    This is a veeery interesting topic which I'm still entering into; I mean, I'm not an expert at all, in fact, if some American Spanish native friend is reading me, I'd really appreciate his point of view.
    What I know by now about voseo?
    -The origin is an arcaic Spanish pronoun, used as a formal way of saying "tú" or "vosotros", conjugated as second person plural (i. e. vos amáis, vos coméis, vos vivís).
    -But today in some regions of America is used as informal singular pronoun insted of "tú"; and also conjugation has mutated, in general...
    -I say "in general" because experts point three types of voseo (even four). The most common is Type III, completely normative in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, but existing also in SE Mexico, Central America (but not Panamá), Venezuela an Colombia Andes, Colombia an d Ecuador coast, East Bolivia... Well, here is Wikipedia map:

    -Uses may vary also from region to region. Not just from formal/informal reasons, but also for prestige reasons. That's were I get lost. Too many variations.