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Gentle reminders

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  • Gentle reminders

    Suppose you are waiting for an email from someone who promised to get back to you soon, but has been silent for weeks. Suppose you don't want to ruin your business relationship with that person, since you need them more than they need you. How would you remind them very gently of yourself without making them feel they are being pestered?

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    Well I'll tell you how NOT to prompt for a reply. This goers back years - about 40 - and is an actual example. My boss had written some minutes for a meeting. It had action points. One of the members hadn't done his action points so he re-sent the minutes, with the person's name underlined twice in red against every action point (there were about 10). The person concerned phoned my boss, very angry. "I can't understand it, I was quite subtle". Really!!


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      Well, in my case the person concerned just went into hiding, and now promptly runs away from Facebook as soon as I appear online. And I just wished her a Happy New Year... Maybe I was too subtle.


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        Oh dear. There are some strange people out there!


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          Nothing strange. Just lazy.


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            My techniques, maybe even more sneaky:

            1) I send you another email pretending I forgot something, for instance: you sent an article for publishing, you got no answer, the person might just not being interested or maybe they really forgot or the mail got buried in spam, so you write: "Sorry, please find attached the new version, I found 2 typos in the old one";

            2) you send the email again because you pretend you had some issues with your email account and you want to be sure the email got through or maybe you say that other people claimed having sent emails to you but you never received those (this is a bit trite);

            3) you write claiming there is another website interested in the article so you ask for an answer if they are really interested in publishing the article (risky one);

            There are surely many other ones, but now I recall just this, having used them, sometimes successfully, but there is not definite solution if the person you need to poke gently is a jerk

            P.S. I would avoid liking all the posts and comments of this person on Facebook, since you might pass for a stalker


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              Thanks. I have used a couple of those. but there are some fresh ideas for sure. Liking all posts? Certainly not - I seldom go beyond a friend request, in fact. As I said above, I'm probably too subtle, but I was born an introvert, and that's here to stay.