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Hi, Everybody :) I'm Sohyun(In English, Henny). 안녕하세요? - Lingostan Forum


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Hi, Everybody :) I'm Sohyun(In English, Henny). 안녕하세요?

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  • Hi, Everybody :) I'm Sohyun(In English, Henny). 안녕하세요?

    Nice to see you guys, I'm Sohyun Lee, just call me Henny! I'm Lingostan's homepage article translator(In Korean) and I'll be Korean teacher soon.

    A little bit about myself, currently I am a senior studying Korean language and Literature at Pusan National University. During 4 years, I have tried various things. Traveling, part time jobs, mentoring, volunteer work, supporting work and so on. And I felt, ‘I am the person who like people, communication and being active.’ This was the biggest reason why I can make special experience, such as teaching work for 4 years. From school qualification exam in Korean and English for elder to working at institute for teenager. It always make my heart pounding. I don't know what is the exact reason, but when I looked my student's smile, It was my precious moment at the same time.
    In these reason, I was falling in love with teaching. And with language, also!
    I kept doing my best in that field over and over, I got Japanese certification as a result. Not just one of my capabilities, It make me communicate with more people. Passionate and being awake. While I gain individual experience as teacher and language lover, I am applying to allow me to become fully immersed in making people smile and more confidence.
    I want to make good relationship through Lingostan, not just teaching-learning connection, to become teacher of life to each other!
    See you soon

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    Welcome! Looking forward to chatting more with you.


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      Hi Henny, pleased to meet you! So we have a teacher de corazón... I don't know how to translated that Spanish idiom... by heart? Ah, no, Wordreference says "from the heart"... (not sure...) Anyway, welcome!
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        Hi Sohyun,

        welcome to the forum!


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          Great to see you here Sohyun! Welcome on board!