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Learning Italian - Lingostan Forum


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Learning Italian

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  • Learning Italian

    Ciao tutti. I'm Laury Burr, a friend of Irina Pomonareva, and I've just started learning Italian with a local group (Bromley, England). I'll be popping in here once or twice a week, but at the moment I'm struggling to find my way around!

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    Ciao. Looking forward to comparing our progress!


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      Ciao Laury,

      benvenuta su Lingostan! beh, Lingostan è italiano quindi penso questo sia di buon auspicio per te (bodes well).


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        Gracie! Forgive me if I reply in English - I can understand Italian better than I can write it. So far...


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          Hi Laury, welcome! I hope you'll enjoy and profit here in this forum. Don't hesitate to post your ideas or questions!


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            Hello Victor! As you can see I'm finding my way around and posting in several forums. As well as speaking English (obviously!) and just starting out in Italian, I also speak French quite well, German a bit less well and some Spanish. I'm also hoping to persuade other members of my Italian group to give Lingostan a try.