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Hello everybody! Ciao a tutti!

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  • Hello everybody! Ciao a tutti!

    Hello everybody! Ciao!
    My name is Alice, I'm 27 years old and I'm an Italian teacher here on Lingostan.com.
    I've always been interested in languages, as long as I can remember. The first time I tried to learn another language, I was a kid and I had found a German grammar book belonging to my father in my house's attic. It was a very old book, full of difficult declensions, but that didn't dissuade me from studying it at University, 15 years later.
    Since my childhood then, I've never stopped being curious about languages.
    What I like most about language is that it defines us as human beings. Thanks to language, we can communicate in a way that differs us from other living beings.
    Studying a language is not just studying a complex system of linguistic signs: it allows you to enter in another cultural system, to broaden your horizons and to widen your mind.
    Of course it also makes travelling easier, which I never mind!

    When I grew older, I decided to study Languages at University. It has allowed me to make very important experiences with people all around the world, that otherwise I would have never known. Not only at University, but also and especially in the working field.
    I've spent the last year teaching my language to immigrant minors: I've met many young boys with many different stories and they left me with a baggage of experiences I will never forget.
    I've also met people from countries at war and countries in conflict, just as the Caucasus, Israel, Palestine, the Balkans, and others, whose stories taught me a lot about how lucky I am that I was born in a country without war.

    Now, I'm still studying for my Master because my aim is to become a teacher at high school. Since then, I hope to make more experiences that I can.

    Of course I'm here on Lingostan to help everyone who wants to learn Italian, from beginning students to more advanced students, or people who just want to improve their conversation.
    Here's the link at my profile: https://www.lingostan.com/view-profile/AM9MC7/

    I hope to hear from you soon,


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    Welcome to the forum!


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      Alice, non ti aveva detto ciao! Ciao!!!


      • AliceMartinelli
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        Ciao Victor

        *non ti avevo

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      Welcome, Alice! It's great to have someone who is so curious about language in our community. I can see that you will fit right in.

      The best part about language for me, is that there is always something new to learn. The journey is never over!


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        Originally posted by Victor Zamorano View Post
        *non ti avevo
        Ooops... sorry, thanks for the correction!