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Spoken by almost 200 million people as either their first or second language, Indonesian is the language used by all the citizens of the fourth most populous nation in the world to speak and understand each other. A lingua franca is what the linguists call such languages, and if you are a passionate vacationer and dream of spending your next holiday on the gorgeous beaches of Bali, being able to communicate in the language of the land is, perhaps, a good idea.

Indonesia is located on a beautiful and warm archipelago. Kind-hearted and hospitable people live there, and a holiday in this country may turn out to be unforgettable. But a language barrier can so easily spoil everything, so learning Indonesian before you go – at least on the A1 or A2 level – will be a huge advantage. And the good news is that it’s one of the easiest languages in the world to learn, as attested to by many professional hyperpolyglots. But it can well turn out that you won’t be able to find a teacher where you live. That’s where Lingostan comes to your rescue.

Just learn Indonesian online with us – yes, we do have a teacher of this language! You will be taught by a native speaker, so, from the very beginning, you will pick up the correct pronunciation and grammar. You won’t need to travel anywhere – modern technology will bring you and your teacher together in a sort of a virtual classroom – except it will be in a one-to-one format, of course! And on top of everything it will cost you less that a regular course in a regular real-life school.

After that, equipped with your fresh knowledge, you can travel to Indonesia and enjoy the beauty of this exotic country, unhampered by communication issues. Learn Indonesian online – and then proudly show your fellow tourists what they are missing out on. And if they ask you how you have achieved such an amazing result, don’t forget to tell them about Lingostan.