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Here you can find a list of websites, language learning apps, platforms for language partners and many other useful resources for learning languages online for free. Our aim is to build one of the largest language directory of the web, so please help us submitting your site. All the websites are manually reviewed by us, so here you'll find original and unbiased reviews. We will also include online language schools, websites with free resources, personal website of polyglots or people that provides useful advices for studying a language and other language related website that we think our readers might find useful.

Multiple languages


LingoHut a free language learning platform which focuses on building strong communication and pronunciation skills teaching useful everyday vocabulary. LingoHut teaches from 50 native languages the 12 more essential world languages. LingoHut allows most of their users to learn from their native language. Learning a second or even third language from the mother tongue provides a higher rate of language learning success.


Probably the most famous one, it provides free apps for learning a language online. Many languages are available, both as target language and for the native speakers, including Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and many others. People can help in the community by doing translation and voting them, the main source of income of the website.


Another app which allow you to interact in a live way while learning. There are many options, for instance you can practice Grammar or have conversation with the native speakers of the community.


More than 15 languages available, including less studied ones like Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Turkish and even Danish. You'll find games, app, tools and pictures about English, Japanese, French, German and other important languages. There are sections with phrases, images, words and a language blog for each lingo. We recommend to you to visit the "culture section" of each language. The design maybe it's old fashioned but Learn a language is good and useful place for students of many languages.


Reverso is a top site for all students of languages, we strongly recommend it, since, unlike many other sites included here, it does not provide apps or courses, but it offers a very useful tool to coniugate all verbs in many languages, so, if you are learning Spanish or Italian, and need to coniugate a verb, especially if it's irregular, you can use this tool which allow you to get every declinations (subjunctive, past, future ecc.) in the desidered language. Reverso it's very easy to use and totally free. You don't even need to sign up. In addition, you can translate patches of text (like Google translate) and get basic and more advances info about grammar rules, spelling and prepositions.


Lingq is an online language community that offers several tools to interact with other users, both native speakers or students like you. The design of the app and courses is very friendly and intuitive, so you can play a lot with all the feature which will allow you to review many aspects of your target language.


The "Rosetta Stone Method".Some time ago this website took over LiveMocha, so now, even though it's not entirely free, it's a very important platform for language learners. the website is available in different languages and it provides structured courses with apps. You can have a free trial. The courses are focused on learning new words, enhancing your speaking and listenings skills and also in checking your knowledge of grammar.


Memrise provides language courses created by the community users. You can choose different levels and a topic of your interest. Many level and languages are available. You can also contribuite to the community


Chinese Pod

One of the best resource for learning Mandarin: it provides podcasts, flashcards, a dictonary and many other languages tools to help you improve in the tones and in the writing of the Chinese characters.


Spanish Dict

A powerful website for all those who are learning Spanish: the main feature of the website is without doubt the free online dictonary English-Spanish-English, but many other features are available. A "must" site for all tho who love Spanish.