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Why you should consider learning Chinese online


Mandarin Chinese is an absolute champion among all languages of Earth both by the number of native speakers and by the total number of speakers. China is swiftly becoming an important international player, and more and more people with foresight send their children to China to learn the language. Of course that would be the fastest option for the adults, as well, but not always realistic. Adults have their jobs, businesses, families and their overall lives to care about, and so have to look for more flexible options, such as learning a language online.


Modern technology has allowed us to imitate the presence of another person in a room with us almost completely – with software like Skype and similar tools, microphones and webcams. Thus we can learn Chinese online now from a real Chinese person, while being thousands of kilometers from China. Would that be difficult? Certainly, but no more difficult than learning it in any other way – it’s a tricky language, whichever way you approach it.

Lingostan is offering you a chance to learn Chinese online from one of our professional Chinese teachers or tutors, some of whom speak not only Mandarin, but also one of the most important dialects of China, Cantonese. Yes, dialects are important too, especially if you do business with Hong Kong as well as mainland China. During those online lessons you will learn everything you would have learned in a classroom with all the necessary files shared or sent, manuscripts shown to you through the webcam and the voice of your teacher crisp and clear in your earphones, as if you were both in the same room.


And you can try different teachers and tutors until you find the person who really understands your needs and does it just right for you to achieve the best results in learning Mandarin Chinese online. Brick and mortar schools are seldom so obliging. So, just try it – and you will love it!