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On Lingostan you can learn and practise English by Skype, WeChat, Google Hangout and other tools, from the confort of you home. Our online native English teacher (TEFL certified from the UK) will help you out in boosting your speaking and listening skills.


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By informal tutoring (conversation on Skype) or professional online English courses you'll be able to improve a lot. Here fees are cheap, our online English tutors and teachers are affordable but experienced and highly skilled in language teaching. You just have to select the profile you like most, choose a time, book the lesson and then pay just that single lesson, no catch, you won't be compelled to pay for packages. Depending if you are learning English from scratch (so at beginner level) or you are already maybe intermediate or advanced in the language, you can choose a teacher who speak your native language too, we have many teachers and tutors fluent in other languages as well and they'll be able to explain everything in your native language. Also, they provide grammar books in PDF, videos, and many useful resources for free, in order to help you study when the class is over.

Teach English online (TEFL) by Skype

Come and enjoy the fun of speaking with people from many different countries and cultures!


Would you make a successful online English teacher?


That’s a million dollar question, isn’t it? You probably never thought about doing a little work after hours, but if you are already an English teacher, adding the “online” is just one more step. And if you have already worked with speakers of other languages, you are a perfect candidate for this kind of job.

learn english skype

Skype should not be a problem anyway – everyone uses it these days. The fact that you might have to work with students still at the beginner’s stage can present a problem though – it would be excellent if you could communicate with them in their own first language. But even if you don’t know any foreign languages, don’t be upset – you can still work with advanced students, who will already understand English pretty well. Have you, for instance, ever prepared anyone to the TEFL exam? What about IELTS?

How can I learn English online?

Teaching online may be completely new experience to you, but it doesn’t have to be hard to adjust. If you need to write to your student, Skype has a feature for that. Besides, we encourage using Google Docs as a kind of surrogate whiteboard: you can share those documents, which can come in handy when you note down the student’s mistakes and then share the list for the student to work on. The student can then ask you questions in the same document – you can even write in it at the same time, if the lesson makes it necessary. See? Being an online English teacher can actually be fun! As long as you take it seriously, of course – the quality of the teaching has to stay at the highest mark.

English teaching positions

We have already mentioned TEFL, but it can be any international exam – it is very likely that at least some of our students will ask for a preparation course, so, if you have such experience, we will be all the more happy to welcome you among our staff. But it is not a compulsory requirement – most importantly, you have to be qualified to teach English.


Lingostan is offering online teaching jobs for English speakers from all countries where this language is spoken by the majority of citizens as their first tongue. We are an international language school, and we are trying to offer our students the most flexibility in terms of the kind of options they can choose from. Suppose one of our students is more interested in the US version of English, both in terms of spelling and in terms of pronunciation, while the other one prefers the UK version. We, naturally, would like to cater to the wishes of them both; what it means in terms of job offers is that we are looking for English teachers from both sides of the pond. The same principle, of course, applies to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, etc...: we love diversity and we love you all; we welcome you all.


Online English teaching is one of the new - and rather popular - professions of the 21st century, which is caused both by the development of high tech and by the popularity of language learning in the age of traveling and international business. English, doubtless, is always the most wanted language - some may argue that is doesn’t open all the doors, but it definitely opens a lot of them, and the difference between being able to speak English and not being able to speak it is hard to overestimate. It applies both to the US English and to the UK version of it - actually, it’s highly advisable to master them both - and that’s why Lingostan is recruiting staff for online English teaching so actively. We know what’s in the highest demand in the modern world!


You might ask what makes this job cool? Well, prestige, for one thing, and an opportunity to earn from home, too. Also, we guarantee that you won’t get short of work - students will flock to you, for the reasons outlined above. And finally, if you are born to be a language teacher, you are going to enjoy it all - the first contact with your students, their excited anticipation, their successes, which you - and only you - will get credit for!

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Would you like to improve your English online?


Since you are reading this, it means that you already know some English. But the question is, what is your current level? Is it beginner, elementary or intermediate? Would you like to change it to advanced? Let us tell you, it can be done, and it can be done online. You won’t even have to leave your home.
Lingostan has found the best teachers for you. They will help you with your English vocabulary, grammar and listening comprehension. With their assistance you will discover all the secrets of advanced English, learn to write in it professionally in a business-like way, find out what the email writing etiquette is like, prepare yourself for a test and a lot more.
If you don’t have time to attend a school, just learn English online. If your level is already high, but you are out of practice with your speaking, you can sign up for a lesson with a tutor and just do a free conversation. It is useful even for people with an advanced level: a bit of practice will help you keep your fluency intact, reduce your accent and get you closer to the ultimate goal of sounding like a native.
Whichever option you go for, Lingostan hopes that you will enjoy your lessons. Whether you are a complete beginner or a confident speaker, we hope that your experience is so exciting that at the end of it you start recommending that all your friends learn English online too and do it with Lingostan. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.