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Lingostan is a brand-new online language school just about to welcome its first teachers and students. We are offering work to experienced English teachers who are willing to teach online. Our teachers can be from all English-speaking countries, since the Internet is oblivious of all borders. As long as you are a native speaker and can prove your qualifications, Lingostan will be happy to work with you!


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A teacher should be able to work with students who have different levels, from Beginner to Advanced, explain English grammar to them, maintain an interesting conversation and keep the student involved throughout the lesson. That is why our English online teaching jobs are offered to real professionals: your teaching qualifications will have to be proven either by your college/university degree or by your actual life experience.

We certainly hope for a long and fruitful cooperation with you, but you don’t have to agree to work for us full time – it’s just fine if you are prepared to offer your students just a couple of lessons every second week day. It’s fashionable these days to earn money on the Internet, and a lot of people combine it with their regular jobs and other activities. Lingostan is very flexible in this regard. Our English online teaching jobs are suitable for people in very different life circumstances.
But there are certain conditions our teachers have to meet. They have to know how to use Skype and other similar tools and, even more importantly, they have to love their profession. If you are passionate about language learning and about knowledge sharing in general, you are just the person we are looking for! From our side, we will provide a comfortable and reliable working environment for you, safeguard you against all types of Internet fraud and help you meet talented and motivated students you will enjoy working with!