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Lingostan is recruiting English tutors to work online from home

Multiple online tutor jobs are offered to all native speakers of the English language who have stable Internet connection and don’t mind earning a little bit of extra money from home. It is all extremely easy: all you will have to do is to go online, turn on your Skype and webcam and then… just speak your own native language, something you have been doing since your early childhood. Since tutors won’t have to teach their students grammar or any such tricky things, they don’t have to have a degree in linguistics.

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Our English online tutor jobs are suitable for any adult who was born to English-speaking parents and can speak in a literate, cultural way. And if you know any foreign languages, that would be absolutely perfect.

If you accept our offer, you would have to hold conversations with students from different countries and with different levels of English, including Beginner. This means that you will have to prepare yourself to be patient and to repeat things several times and, if necessary, very slowly, since you will be teaching English to people whose native language is very different. We also advise that you leave politics and religion outside of the conversation – but even so, tutoring it’s a very easy job. And working from home has a lot of benefits.

Of course, should you agree to work with Lingostan, you won’t have to do it full time. You yourself determine your schedule, however flexible you want it. Our English online tutor jobs cater to different life circumstances. Even if you have just three hours a week to spare, it is already good enough to try yourself as a tutor – with one student, if you prefer it this way. Lingostan is actively recruiting English online tutors now, so if you feel that it might be your uncovered talent, now is the best time to give it a try.