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Lingostan offers its customers a unique opportunity to learn Italian online with a teacher for whom this breathtakingly beautiful language is the mother tongue; however, before you decide whether to take up on our offer or not, we have to discuss why you might want to learn it at all. Well, there are several reasons to pay special attention to Italian.

First and foremost, if you were asked where Italian is spoken, would you just reply “in Italy” and leave it at that? Well, the correct answer is, it is spoken in 22 countries with 64 million people considering it their mother tongue. That includes the city of Vatican, of course, which makes Italian a very important language for all the world’s Catholics, alongside Latin. But (a fact that many people disregard) it is also a worldwide language, because apart from Europe it is also very widespread across both Northern and Southern Americas. Surprised? Yet it is true, and Wikipedia confirms that.

Secondly, Italian is a language of art, the tongue of the most beautiful classical operas and countless songs, a tongue that every singer has to learn as a matter of course, because of operas, but also because no other language goes so well with the gorgeous melodies of the Classical Crossover genre as Italian does. And any song will give you twice as much pleasure if you can understand the lyrics.

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Is Italian difficult to learn? Well, yes and no. Of course, the number of verb forms can look scary at first, but if you decide to learn Italian online with Lingostan at our courses, we will take care that you overcome this initial hurdle in the easiest way possible, through practice and comprehensible input. We have native italian teachers and tutors so you'll listen to the real italian accent. Our courses are tailored to all levels and age groups, and since you are taught one-to-one, the method and the techniques can be adjusted on the fly to your personal preferences. Before you know it, you will be speaking Italian fluently and naturally.